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April 2002 (continued) interview with Robert Young Pelton [via]

The logical Fallacies: Index [via Virulent Memes]

World Wide Words - wonder what weird words mean? [via]'s more fun, though. interview with John Weir (designer of [via]

March 2002

Design for Community: Essay: Killing the biggest myth of web design <-- click here, please. [via Zeldman]

Microsoft Tech Support vs. Psychic Friends Network [via djc]

Untold History - The Untold Stories of Software Innovation - featuring the story of Flash as told by its inventor. [via interconnected]

February 2002

Joel on Software - The Iceberg Secret, Revealed - "When you're showing off, the only thing that matters is the screen shot." [via]

'Which side of the road do they drive on?' - with quite a bit of interesting historical and statistical info, even addressing the Channel Tunnel situation. [via]

January 2002 Avoiding personal conflict on mailing lists. [via Brainstorms and Raves]

Geknipt voor u door

Vandaag toevallig van Roel geleerd: "Wat is een Tante Betje?"

Interesting iconic labeling system going on at 'Top Ten Conservative Idiots' - check the little icons next to each of the names.

Corporations Behaving Badly: The Ten Worst Corporations of 2001 [via]

Environmentalism and Meat - some interesting figures here. [via]

December 2001

My copy of The Art of Looking Sideways arrived yesterday, an amazing 1000+ page book filled with all sorts of neat artworks, observations, anecdotes... At the publisher's site, you can watch the author explain what the book is about (click the 'View Video' link).

(Much thanks to inflight correction where I first saw the book mentioned.)

- Het beste van nl.taal
- A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
- Letters en cijfers

Update: these were all found while searching Google for 'angstschreeuw' (Dutch word with 8 consecutive consonants). And 'Verspreeksgezegswijzen' (part of the 3rd site) is my current favourite page of the whole internet. ^_^

Crypto-Gram looks to be an interesting newsletter. Reading some of the past issues... [via gammatron]

Design Rant - inspirational. [via and others]

Textism: 'It’s the weekend; a good time to drive around!'

November 2001 a parable.

'Henk Klomp looft grote beloning uit om krom recht en machtsmisbruik te berechten' [via spamlist]

From last weeks AWADmail:
"[...]This was the headline to an article that announced that Michael Foot (left wing MP in UK) was to lead a group looking at nuclear disarmament: "Foot Heads Arms Body"."

October 2001

Basic and Advanced You're - "Pigs can work out how to use a joystick, and people still can't do this!" [via Eendvögel]

AlterNet -- 10 Things to Know about U.S. Policy in the Middle East [via] archief - wat ongelofelijk veel en goed leesspul eigenlijk. [via baard]

September 2001

Plenty interesting convention stories at these days. Also, photos! [via plasticbag and others]

Some interesting reading at

August 2001

Excerpt from the book Dot.Bomb [via]

'Web advertisers need lessons in how to behave', says page with popup and big ugly Flash-ad disrupting the flow of text.

July 2001

'On Chance in Artistic Creation', 1894. [via Zidouta]

A Short History of the World by H.G. Wells, 1922.
[via The Nutlog]

Cashing the Junk Mail Check - I first read this classic story a few years ago, still a rather entertaining tale. [via Metafilter]

April 2001

The Mentos FAQ - Talking about dropmentos: "A sudden overpowering licorice flavor consumes you!" [via megnut]

Lzip lossy compression - the most advanced file-compression scheme. Reduces files to 0% of their original size! [via Wouterd]

February 2001

scottandrew sure has some cool dreams...