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June 2013 (continued)

RT @davewiner: Tristan Louis explains why RSS, a decentralizing technology, suffered when it was centralized by Google.

RT @scottrocketship: Working with two web apps, Trello and Editorially, side-by-side on my 15" screen works great. Responsive ain't just for phones, people!

RT @DanEngler: My dog Millie wearing her "wolf suit", a dog puppet she pulled all of the stuffing out of and then decapitated. #tbt

RT @jorisluyendijk: Waar Charles Groenhuijsen, Rob de Wijk en andere schoothondjes vd VS kwispelend Snowden aanvallen is hier Hofland

RT @thomasfuchs: Now that everyone has their own chair/bench the balance of power has been restored.

RT @Cennydd: “Or…” /via @peteashton

RT @ggreenwald: If anyone ever asks you what is meant by "mindless, government-subservient stenographic journalism," show them this snowden-leaks-official-says/

RT @DanaDanger: A PM at Quora emailed me to ask why I like Medium. I said I'd be happy to answer their question but first please log in and download my app.

RT @ariyahidayat: [new blog post] Optimizing CSS3 for GPU compositing, or why it's more than just translate3d tml

RT @lia: linkedin needs a badge for people who send invites to their entire address book blindly, so you know they're terrible & don't hire them.

RT @BVanaerle: Leuke reacties allemaal, 25 jaar na het winnen van het #ek88

RT @jorisluyendijk: Zo verdedig je je land. Der Spiegel (Engels) over spionage VS & VK. Hebben we hiervoor meegevochten in Afghanistan? -programs-threaten-german-security-a-907577.html

RT @robwijnberg: m'n column in @DeGroene deze week over #prism en de bizarre argumenten van voorstanders - Geen hype

RT @blauereiter: Otomo Katsuhiro's Short Peace - New posters and updates : new-posters/

RT @ValeskaUX: Microcopy, the ever important and often forgotten UX secret sauce. microcopy/#top

RT @LeaVerou: Very interesting read: Font hacking by @heydonworks Loved the bit explaining #SVG fonts!

RT @joewengert: imagine if you had the persistence and the drive of the Adobe Reader Updater

RT @mat: Prediction: Yahoo email release will lead to a disastrous tide of password reset mayhem. (But, hey, what do I know) rs

RT @hrtbps: If you're ever struggling to find your nearest branch of McDonalds, the new McDonalds app is a lifesaver.

RT @AlexanderNL: Het is vrijdagmiddag. Dan bezoek ik altijd even

RT @vasilis: Panopticlick. See if you can be tracked because your browser settings are unique (I seem to be perfectly trackable)

RT @dbushell: if you redirect "mobile" users to the wrong content, Google is going to punish you ngs-of-smartphone_11.html

RT @AlexanderNL: De evolutie van Daft Punk's Get Lucky van 1920 tot nu. Heel vet gedaan.

RT @wilto: Sure would be embarrassing if any of us made faux-iOS “mobile websites” for the past couple years, huh? Those would have been an awful idea.

RT @smashingmag: How do you design "empty states" in your apps? Some good (and bad) examples:

RT @andreasdotorg: I have an idea for a dystopian book: super power on the verge of collapse spies on everyone, kills people with robots and no trial. Oh wait.

RT @newsyc20: GitHub's CSS Performance (

RT @aworkinglibrary: I don’t want breaking news. I want slow, thoughtful, deeply researched news. Especially now.

RT @rauschma: “We have never heard of PRISM. We do, however, participate in an NSA project called TOWRL (Transparent Object Which Refracts Light).”

RT @2525: Wie 'gelukszoekers' zegt bedoelt meestal pechvogels.

RT @schlijper: Het enige huis in Amsterdam dat aan drie grachten tegelijk ligt #Amsterdam

RT @arnoudwokke: LOL RT @agammell: That is pretty accurate.

May 2013

RT @nrcnmt: fun with custom css cursors! experimentje voor de mini In Beeld fotoseries die we in sommige artikelpagina's tonen

RT @mahemoff: Well this thankfully exists /thx @komiska

RT @pvdp: Nederlandse zomer.

RT @brad_frost: Strongly considering making a WTF Hotel Wifi blog, screenshotting all their bizarreness.

RT @jaffathecake: Both FirefoxOS & Chrome have this really confusing boundary between packaged "apps" & web sites. Let's get rid of the former. ♥ URLs.

RT @2525: De nieuwe lege brievenbus: wakker worden en merken dat de krant niet automatisch is gedownload op je iPad.

RT @Splats: Who fell asleep in the rain? Did you fall asleep in the rain? Yes you did.

RT @jeffjarvis: +1 RT @jeffsonderman: This Is a Blog Post. It Is Not a “Blog.” is_blog_post_is_not_a_blog.html

RT @codepo8: Preview of this year's Siggraph paper submissions #drool

RT @adactio: Infinite scroll. A footer. Choose one.

RT @ThePoke: Headline of the day

RT @brucel: Out today: Opera 14 brings Chrome 26 to Android 2.3 + - off-road mode, webGL, @supports, new UI, Discover feature

RT @neiltyson: Not that anybody asked, but the symbol "lb" for pound comes from an abbreviation of the constellation Libra, the scales.

RT @mattb: maker faire way-finding.

RT @anildash: To celebrate Tumblr's milestone, a look back at its pre-history: (Includes me offending @marcoarment & @davidkarp!)

RT @mathias: Neat idea: prevent hover effects while scrolling to avoid unnecessary (re)paints. Demo:

RT @matthewbaldwin: Use the free version of Spotify or Pandora and nobody cares; admit to paying and prepare to get lectured on how little the artists receive.

RT @shearindan: My final re-imagined Moon movie poster @ManMadeMoon

RT @brandonnn: omg the new icons for "someone else is viewing this google document"

RT @trendbeheer: Blogpost: Constant Dullaart, URL Killer: Dullaart with his Dulltech team in Shenzhen Wie huilt dat de kunsttij...

RT @nrcnmt: onze mobiele site laadt js aan einde <body>, zo verschijnt layout direct na laden van slechts ~25kB gzipped html/css

RT @guardian: David Simon: 'I couldn't operate under your British press laws' (via @ObsNewReview)

RT @tomcoates: You know what would be a remarkably simple and practical way for @Flickr to get better without much effort? Larger photos in their RSS feeds

RT @mikko: Reading about Transglobe Expedition. In 79-82, C. Burton and Sir @RanulphFiennes went around the world circumpolarly.

RT @nrcnmt: nu fijn met nieuwste jQuery, v2.0 (asynchroon geladen uiteraard, snel tonen van de html/css-content gaat altijd voor)

RT @smashingmag: How Much Has The Web Really Changed? Read about new defaults in Web design by @vasilis -

RT @BlurSpline: Strange crystals II by @ehouais gets @js1k 1st prize! Check out his posts and take a look at other great entries too!

RT @jomc: "A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam" - Fredrik Pohl

RT @rainnwilson: Only in Scranton @ Downtown Scranton

RT @TheJare: Celebrating the 20th anniversary of good old firedemo with a quick port to HTML5 :)

RT @BrendanEich: Today I Saw The Future: - "When we at Mozilla say the Web is the platform, we are not bluffing."

April 2013

RT @adactio: So, so happy to see this document returned to its original URL: http:// Happy birthday, free open web!

RT @martenmantel: Ik liet net een boer in een leeg soepblik en nu heb ik een woedende advocaat van Skrillex aan de lijn.

RT @newsyc20: Pirates playing a game dev simulator complain about piracy ( via @Growth

RT @twholman: Pocket Pictograms - Fantastic Icons, Awesomely presented - by @EdHarrison89

RT @nickbilton: Kids pretending to accidentally text their parents about selling drugs. Responses are priceless.

RT @JerryVermanen: Goed nieuws: de dino-iPod-grafiek blijft in stand met nieuwe cijfers Apple. cc @colinvanhoek @KraanNL

RT @ProcessingOrg: Wow, there's a "For Your Processing" Tumblr and it's wonderful:

RT @troyhunt: Good post from @Nick_Craver on moving Stack Overflow to SSL l/ Also this piece from me last year

RT @AsianWiki: 9 character posters for director Bong Joon-Ho's post-apocalyptic film SNOWPIERCER

RT @drububu: vers van de digitale pers; 6000 lego steentjes animatie

RT @ftrain: “So, no, I don’t buy that just because an immigrant works on an algorithm [that makes] her more important.” wd-us/

RT @themaninblue: Interesting bit of forensic investigation into Twitter's new music offering:

RT @bitcraftlab: Extending Carpet Patterns into the 3rd Dimension: r/ via @designboom #craft #art

RT @hakhverdian: Ha, ik wist het. Die Rijksmuseum banner op zegt '01 Nachten Wachten'. Ik heb drie maanden gewacht op die fout.

RT @brucel: Rotating earth using pure CSS by @chinchang457

RT @pasql: I just wrote about animation in interface design - "Transitional Interfaces"

RT @alistapart: Designers, get down and dirty with web maps. Hack Your Maps by Young Hahn ALA 373. #RWD #JavaScript

RT @brucel: Using a ligature icon font makes your icons accessible, indexable and gracefully degradable. So why not?

RT @thefoxisblack: Bartkira, a project which takes the story of Akira and mashes it up with the art and characters of The Simpsons. artistic-mash-up-ever/

RT @brad_frost: Great read about the #1 missing tool for responsive design: Element queries (viewport queries are still valuable)

RT @smashingmag: One of those "Aha!"-moments: Combining icon font glyphs to create complex icons with CSS Icon Stacks -

RT @martenmantel: Twitter is net Game of Thrones want het meeste wat gezegd wordt laat ik langs me heen gaan en de rest is geklaag over een strenge winter.

March 2013

RT @jaapstronks: Laten we dat het ‘Kapitein Ortega’-syndroom noemen: dat de intro of trailer zo enorm veel beter is dan de serie-aflevering resp. film zelf.

RT @ChromiumDev: DevTools: "Copy as Curl" added to network panel to reproduce any network request.

RT @ArjAndj: Wat is dit geweldig gedaan! ‘I’m Google’ by Dina Kelberman: A Visual Exploration of Google Image Search sual-exploration-of-google-image-search/

RT @js1k: "Strange crystals" is a 3d subway ride, looks really cool! by @ehouais

RT @martijn: Fascinerende lezersvraag toch weer in het #ADUN.

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