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March 2006 (continued)

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Altona statue
opposite view of 3562.

February 2006


Coolest statue in Rotterdam: the 3 meter tall Gundam-inspired GUARD by Hans van Bentem.

parking lot

plastic tree

January 2006


December 2005

hoek van holland silhouette
Still more Hoek van Holland photos to come... I like how I can walk somewhere for one hour sometimes and end up with a week's worth of great shots.

seagulls clouds


swan and heron

Konijntje Snoepfles

Yes, this is a 12m high inflatable green plastic bunny. Quite a sight to pass on my way to work every morning. More info...

and so we wait

and so we wait

November 2005

leaves on water

leafy hanging branch

rainy leaf on window

sunset at 18:11


sunset at 17:35


October 2005

three pigeons

three pigeons

September 2005


August 2005

evening cloud


flower on table

July 2005

I've just added the tag to a whole bunch of photos with a similar vertical form factor as this one.

April 2005

March 2005

swan sunrise

February 2005

photo: pigeon on Schouwburgplein