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February 2012 (continued)

RT @dakami: #Nerdflix. Because LOL (wow. you guys are ridiculous)

RT @codinghorror: "take yourself out of your first world techie social media smart-shoes for a second [and] imagine this"

RT @VegaSlager: "Het meeste water eten we op" Analyse waterverbruik in @Volkskrant . 40% waterconsumptie via dierlijke producten, 1kg vlees=15.000 liter water

RT @newsycombinator: Why did the Windows 95 Start button have a secret shortcut for closing it?

RT @waxylinks: The Verge's analysis on apps that upload your contact list — finally, the data journalism article that everyone wanted after the Path debacle k-what-you-need-to-know

RT @repponen: iOS '86 (Retro)

RT @romancortes: 1kb rose, rotating:

RT @reggiewatts: Correction, I was given this sweater at my show n Amsterdam by a designer who's info I lost. Please help me find her! :)

RT @schill: "The tiniest GIF ever" (26 bytes vs. the typical 43.)

RT @tomcoates: The best thing about not working at Yahoo is that you get to write Yahoo without a fucking exclamation mark after it.

RT @Teunvandekeuken: "ik ben een kwart MOE- lander" Mijn #Paroolcolumn van vandaag:

RT @waxpancake: This week on Wired, I dig into the risks of using apps that access your Gmail: Think before you oAuth!

RT @Glinner: In case you missed it yesterday, The Onion: 'Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon'

hyena's in de sneeuw zien vanuit de trein, leuk #blijdorp

our cat just jumped on my laptop and View Source'd a webpage with its paws/butt. I'm so proud.

wel grappig hoe @Google de link "dismiss" (sluiten) steevast als "afwijzen" vertaalt, in die privacy popupjes die maar niet wegblijven...

RT @twholman: Nick Kwiatek's has a sweet ASCII fluid systems going on here - - (wiggle the mouse around). via @nkwiatek + @ahmattox

RT @darcypaquet update: Darcy's top 9 (+1) Korean films of 2011.

RT @romancortes: How I made the js1k rose:

#IFFR film 11: I Wish / 奇跡 (JP): 5/5. Saved the best for last, my fave this year! Another beautiful Kore-eda film, w/ nice Quruli soundtrack

#IFFR film 10: Un nuage dans un verre d'eau (Srinath C. Samarasinghe, FR): 3/5

#IFFR film 9: King Curling (Ole Endresen, Norway): 4/5

#IFFR film 8: Kotoko (Shinya Tsukamoto, JP): 3/5. Oef oef.. even bijkomen met clipje van Cocco in vrolijker tijden:

RT @mahieu: ..Adobe Air (AS3) app.. op Mac Mini's :) Data komt van 1 server die alle netwerken afscant (php + alle api's) #IFFR #dashboard

"Rotterdam -12°" het is zo koud, temperatuur past niet meer netjes in #IFFR dashboard design

RT @pvdp: Echte journalisten. @lexboon is hier aan de telefoon: "Ja, met Lex Boon, NRC. Waarom zijn het altijd pelikanen die bij jullie ontsnappen?"


RT @xiffy: Dag kitty

RT @esheepcomix: New comic: THE FIRST WORD, a Flintpunk saga of sex, drugs, & global climate change:

RT @dwineman: If the mark of a good UI is that a child can use it, then the iPad multitasking gestures are a failure. Pure hindrance to small hands.

RT @doctorow: This is one of the most shocking examples of crony capitalism in copyright regulation I've yet seen

#IFFR film 7: L'ultimo Terrestre (Gianni Pacinotti, Italy): 4/5

vraag me af waar het grote #IFFR dashboard in geprogrammeerd is / op draait... #rondehoekjes

RT @typodermic: Reportedly, @RutgerHaha has seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of @ConanObrien

January 2012

RT @ikreis: Wil iemand even zijn jas komen afgeven bij de garderobe van de schouwburg? Ik verveel me. #IFFR #vrijwilliger

still six #IFFR films to go: L'ultimo Terrestre, Kotoko, King Curling, Miss Bala, Un nuage dans un verre d'eau, I Wish (Kore-eda!)

may the vorst be with you

#IFFR film 6: Tokyo Playboy Club (Yosuke Okuda, JP): 4/5

#IFFR film 5: Nick (Fow Pyng Hu, NL): 4/5. Bonus point for dogs running in the rain ♥

#IFFR film 4: Egg and Stone / 鶏蛋和石頭 (Huang Ji, China): 3/5

#IFFR film 3: A Simple Life / 桃姐 (Ann Hui, Hong Kong): 4/5

#IFFR 2012: beetje Wordfeuden moet kunnen tijdens het wachten

#IFFR film 2: Ace Attorney (Miike Takashi, JP): 3/5

#IFFR film 1: Valley of Saints (@vosfilm): 4/5. Beautiful shots, and much funnier than expected. q&a tidbit: filmed entirely on Canon DSLRs

net fijne @photocollective chinees nieuwjaar meetup gehad, nu naar m'n 1e #IFFR film, Valley of Saints, daarna Miike Takashi's Ace Attorney

RT @newsycombinator: Fun with math: Dividing one by 998001 yields a surprising result

RT @fschroiff: RTV Rijnmond interviewde @EevaLiukku en mij over @VersBeton, beluister het resultaat hier (6 minuten) st-vers-beton-reflecteert

RT @LeaVerou: If you use HTML5 and haven’t heard of @sjoerd_visscher, read @paul_irish’s article about the history of the HTML5 shiv

was sorry to see this gnome suddenly vanished (cut down?) from its regular spot in Haagse Bos

RT @Gelada: Tim Gowers l/ and Stewart Lee meron-pinewood-film?cat=commentisfree&type=article go well together on the crushing power of over-commercialisation

RT @mcsweeneys: In Which I Fix My Girlfriend’s Grandparents’ WiFi and Am Hailed as a Conquering Hero: parents-wifi-and-am-hailed-as-a-conquering-hero

finally read "Ringworld" by Larry Niven, 1970. fun! #books #scifi

RT @mrdoob: State of the demoscene: 1991 - 2011

read "The Stars My Destination (Tiger! Tiger!)" by Alfred Bester, 1956 #books #scifi

RT @waxpancake: Metafilter joins the SOPA/PIPA protest, with a crazy story from @mathowie about Michael Jackson and a DMCA takedown:

"Ten Ways to Avoid Lending Your Wheelbarrow to Anybody", by Adrian Mitchell: ng-your.html

prompt [$T$H$H$H$H$H$H] $P$G

RT @ninnx: pre-coffee brain just casually reported "pterodactyl in front of the window". to be fair it was a pretty big seagull.

enjoying @captainward's new Absolute Radio podcast, Film Fandango:

RT @StackMath: Great answer: Do "imaginary" and "complex" angles exist? -angles-exist/96159#96159 #trigonometry

#demoscene RT @pouetdotnet: The top lists of productions from 2011, as dictated by the Pouet users:

read "All the Colors of Darkness" (1963) by Lloyd Biggle Jr. #books #scifi

found a new way to quickly turn off my brand new laptop: accidentally jam a headphone jack into the usb port :/ luckily no permanent damage

jongetje tegen ander jongetje op straat: "Ik woon in de Komkommerstraat. Altijd als ik zeg waar ik woon word ik uitgelachen." #overheard

RT @kasthomas: Procedural textures in HTML5 canvas nvas.html

Badass Javascript 2011 year in review review

December 2011

Homages, Ripoffs and Coincides - film images in context: (via )

lots of interesting reads in this summary of top Hacker News stories for every day of 2011:

RT @LeaVerou: Fascinating #UX @smashingmag article: @lukew rethinks the login form and comes up with very creative ideas. gning-login-forms/

RT @LeaVerou: Fascinating #UX @smashingmag article: @lukew rethinks the login form and comes up with very creative ideas. ...

RT @stgramophone: Said the Gramophone's 100 favourite songs of 2011. Oh whatta whatta year. Listen & download here:

RT @AlexanderNL: past wel mooi in het rijtje en

RT @fabynou: Another World Code Review:

RT @jeresig: New Blog Post: JavaScript as a First Language:

RT @rosenstok: Can the Dutch Government really be abandoning smokers to their fate? Stevige taal: -rookontmoedigingsbeleid.html

RT @quarkness: The new great leader Kim Yong Un

RT @ebertchicago: The Best Films of 2011, sez me:

advantage of web apps over native apps (3): enables user to pinch-zoom or double-tap to enlarge/reflow content

advantage of web apps (2): able to dl link (mp3s etc) instead of opening it; for some reason impossible in Android Google Reader native app

advantage of web apps over most native apps (twitter, fb, etc): browser has dedicated buttons for back AND forward navigation, not just back

comments on @waxpancake UC Davis post iple_angles are an interesting/scary insight into the minds of police brutality apologists :/

RT @hakimel: How about spending your time and SEO-$$ on curating interesting content that people _want_ to link to instead?

RT @simonpegg: Morning Paris, gonna spend the day looking under photo booths with Audrey Tautou and riding around on a moped at an exaggerated frame rate.

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