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October 2013 (continued)

RT @rainnwilson: By playing the title sequence of Homeland on a constant loop in my bedroom, I don't have to waste valuable time and energy dreaming anymore.

RT @pimvandendool: Fail! RT @MinBZK: Officiële bekendmaking: nu is het wintertijd.

RT @stevendejong: Met invoering van het IBAN handelen banken weer niet in het belang van de klant, meent R.A. van den Brink. rte-banknummer?cid=453e36012d0d793ef28978a0b3cd75edefbd20d9d55db175d89 3f28b8d57b82c&hash=0d7323f334061da081a4b97&utm_source= twitter&utm_medium=ipadapp&utm_campaign=nrcreaderopini e

RT @mearabai: Epic computer graphics from 1981, the HP 9845C: p-9845c-demo/ via @otherlab


breaking through

Nederland Spreekt

RT @jcoglan: Why LinkedIn Intro is a horrible security problem

In beeld: Tien etages graffitikunst langs de Seine via @nrc

Diane Meyer - Sewn Berlin

Robots at Work and Play - In Focus - The Atlantic 612/ via @in_focus (via @ninnx)

morning light on leaves #vertraging

RT @KustawBessems: Voor alle 12 miljoen blanke Nederlanders. M'n column vanochtend op @BNR ems-voor-alle-12-miljoen-blanke-nederlanders

RT @anildash: There they are, huge banner ads at the top of Google search results: The Google of a decade ago is officially dead.

prachtig stukje :first-letter:before pseudo-element styling door @stronk op -minder-knecht/?m=0 #chocoladeletters #css

RT @ZihniOzdil: Waar waren al die schuimbekkende 'is onze cultuur' ZP verdedigers bij de radicale (weg)bezuiniging van NL musea en culturele instellingen?

RT @codepo8: How to lose $172,222 a second for 45 minutes - -a-second-for-45-minutes - #software #bug

happy to finally find this fix for Chrome Win misaligned svg-webfonts: overriding font declaration with a media query

RT @guardianphotos: Our live picture blog is live! Follow the day in photography ive

Street photography in Grand Theft Auto V (via )


RT @chriscoyier: Sky gradients ::


RT @Suksawat058: Hele gebied Poststraat, Minnemastraat, Hoogstraat wordt bedreigd door de brand. Kijk zelf. #brand #leeuwarden

RT @eelcobvr: Ik wil trouwens niet stoken, maar die rendieren trekken die slee ook niet voor hun lol.

RT @longform: “The Art of Stealing” The story of the Kunsthal museum art heist: (by @lexboon, @nrc) #editorspick

RT @Souders: “@emilymtucker: Fuck Off As A Service (FOAAS)” Excellent service. Well documented.

RT @jorisluyendijk: Over niet-blanke NL'ers die noch Oom Tom noch de zielepiet willen spelen. En over autochtone fopintellectuelen: ctuelen/


My Quiet City update: Den Haag

2001: The aliens that almost were l

De kunst van het stelen - Het tragische lot van de geroofde Kunsthalwerken via @nrc


RT @WillemBosch: Goed, hij kan dus weer. De Discussie. Mensen vóór Zwarte Piet: u bent een dying breed. Een prehistorische en echt wel racistische reutel.

Paul Kirchner's "The Bus" (via )

RT @wossy: Here's a direct link to Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock playing chopsticks together from last night. Enjoy!

RT @neave: Brief: Build an apparatus that produces videos the world has never seen before. via @JoanieLemercier @seb_ly

RT @nzkoz: If you use a dlink router it probably has a backdoor, apparently put there by a guy called Joel...

Mezenlaan, Wassenaar

RT @tomhannen: Fantastic t-shirt from #droneconf

RT @remotesynth: Shankar Cabus shows how to simulate a conical gradient using CSS3 only.

RT @collypops: Think you know Facebook's blue from Instagram's blue? It's time to... Name That Blue!

RT @wieland: Historisch moment op de redactie: "Wie is Martin Gaus?"

RT @pvdp: Je functioneert zelf niet zonder cookies.

Ministerie van Waarheid eabe via @decorrespondent

the sierpinski triangle page to end most sierpinski triangle pages (via )

Mathew Borrett's hypnagogic cities via @FineArtAmerica (via )

BBC News - How do you make Raspberry Pi? (via )

OH: "Maak van je interface een interfeest."

ga_debug.js was a lifesaver today, revealing that a 3rdparty script was causing a crazy amount of trackEvent calls roubleshooting#gaDebug


RT @Vernoeming: De laatste namen in het alfabet - Zzohra, Zzamouri en Zyxcban #Achternamen #Voornamen

RT @ShittingtonUK: God, I wish I'd come up with this idea, but credit goes to @attackalope.

RT @__DavidFlanagan: Beat the NSA: 1) Embed all communications into Hollywood movie files 2) Apply W3C EME DRM 3) Wait for the NSA vs MPAA smackdown!

sigh.. Lowering Your Standards: DRM and the Future of the W3C (via )

RT @alex_gibson: Preventing 'layout thrashing' using requestAnimationFrame

.@pocketcasts is the perfect podcast app I'd been hoping to find for ages (especially now I discovered how to add custom podcast rss feeds)

September 2013

weer een honden-met-plankenkoorts fotoserie, hoera! (een jaar geleden: )

RT @rem: If your blocking overlay has a button that reads "not interested, keep reading", then perhaps, I don't know, DON'T SHOW THE OVERLAY!</rage>


VOYAGER, by Jed McGowan (via )

Robin Williams does a Reddit AMA and geeks out over video games and anime or_a_convoluted_stream/


OH: "Mijn Inbox is regelmatig Zero."

metalen plinten, je kan er nooit genoeg van hebben

What's the Most Concave State in the U.S.? Using R to Solve a Geography Puzzle -using-r-to-solve-a-geography-puzzle-lyrics (via )

rainyday.js, Creating a Realistic Rain Effect with Canvas and JavaScript with-canvas-and-javascript/ / demo:

RT @smashingmag: Don't you just love Easter Eggs? Go to, press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, A, A, A, A… Bingo!

RT @rob_dodson: innerText vs textContent. 544ms vs 1ms to update a table! pretty interesting read.

RT @sturdyAlex: Is this the funniest thing a librarian has ever done, ever? I think so.

RT @quarkness: Als Duitser zou ik dit anders formuleren

RT @schlijper: Geen slachtoffers, dus ik mag het zeggen: wat een prachtige crash edded#at=12 Krijgen ze op een filmset zo niet voor elkaar.

Untold Riches: An Analysis Of Portal’s Level Design f-portals-expressive-level-design/

RT @fabynou: I deconstructed the raytracer source code that fit on a business card: . As usual there was a lot to learn :) !

"Dame Blanche" is weer thuis bij haar baasje, 'n paar deuren verderop! RT @milo dit jonge katje kwam vanochtend [..]

dit jonge katje kwam vanochtend bij ons binnenlopen, eigenaar onbekend #denhaag #bezuidenhout #kat #gevonden

RT @mblongii: The design is done when there is nothing left to take away. Remove to improve:

RT @creativeapps: 'Full Turn' draws third dimension using flat screen rotating at high speed |

RT @firt: Doing home screen web apps? BIG PROBLEMS on iOS 7: no alerts, no external URIs, bugs with more than 4 web apps

Where’d The Water Go? Google Maps Water Pixel Detection With Canvas pixel-detection-with-canvas/ via @bellycardtech (via )

RT @TheNardvark: RT @AaronSorkin After much trepidation, I’ve decided to join Twitter. What piques my curiosity is the economy of language required to (1/57)

RT @idaschrijft: Zullen we 't omdraaien? Mn belastinggeld naar onderzoek en bestrijding nare ziektes en dan mogen ze komen collecteren voor die vliegtuigjes

RT @ShaneHudson: I’ve written a short post called ‘Stop Deleting Content!’. Please read and share, it is important. /cc @netmag

RT @HTML5Weekly: console.logtro: The World's First console.log Demo - (A small demo-scene style demo that runs in the JavaScript cons…

RT @quarkness: Als je maar één seconde van een beeldopname ziet vandaag, zorg da dat het deze is: p;amp;t=30s #hawa__ie


RT @deanjnorris: Damn, woke up this morning and my head was KILLING me. Weird

RT @ManMadeMoon: You've manipulated my emotions for the last time, Breaking Bad! Tonight, my heart is a ROCK!

RT @quarkness: En jahoor, de troonrede is wéér uitgelekt #kneiter #troonrede

RT @AmyStephen: Normally, I object to a gang of old-timers coming down on a newbie. BUT, YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. => id=acb0978eb59bb2f3f94d0fe32b6a4d9b

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