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September 2013 (continued)

Red Dot

RT @DaveGorman: I imagine this is a pretty effective way of discouraging bike theft:

Dave Gorman: Putting A Name To The Face r.html?spref=tw

RT @danielkhanh: iOS Transformer:

RT @Glinner: "Good to see the foreign secretary present when there's shit kicking off in Syria" Wonderful,wonderful Noel Gallagher -hugo-boss

'Het Is' heel mooi, de nieuwe @Eefjedevisser

mixed-media His Master's Voice pastiche on Dam Square


RT @codinghorror: Before you buy any Twitter stock, you should know the shares are hard capped at $140 due to technical constraints.

This Insect Has Gears In Its Legs via @ngphenomena (via )

weer een mooie toepassing van onze nieuwe brede feature-layout: npopulist/

RT @sizemore: Took me forever to find a painter who listens exclusively to heavy metal, but it was worth it.

RT @readmatter: and here's the post on the NSA that John Hopkins tried to censor:

RT @sjuu: bestond gisteren 1000 dagen dus tijd voor taart van @askimono! #taart #fissa

sheep teaches young bull to headbutt (via )

RT @pattonoswalt: Fascinating Super 8 footage shot by Sean Young in 1983 on the set of DUNE:

RT @slicknet: Breaking news! Your browser does not support iframes.

RT @codepo8: it took about 3 minutes for the font to appear on a wireless sign up page...

RT @wijndelts: WIE heeft hier de mooiste cover? :-)

lol self-referential Neal Stephenson #Reamde #SnowCrash

<3 vega-quiche door @minisje

rondvaartboot + brug = boem, gisteren


RT @kcimc: i want a sticker that just says "git" to put next to the "push" and "pull" signs on every door.

RT @EmmaK67: STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and watch this. MIND BENDING pop video from Norway

coolest thing about this is the Deadwood box-set RT @milo "Dutch" - Breaking Bad S05E12 #stills #breakingbad #books

"Dutch" - Breaking Bad S05E12 #stills #breakingbad #books

RT @ShittingtonUK: Hey marketing geniuses, it's called synergy. Nice ball drop, a-holes.

How not to check the validity of an email address (via )

RT @QuantumPirate: Do you get upset at the slightest comment? Like to blow things out of all proportion? Then this magazine is for you.

RT @mikko: Some people can think fast. Good move.

RT @robdelaney: Kinda crazy that the Spice Girls don’t even have one song about Dune.

August 2013

RT @stevelosh: HTTP status ranges in a nutshell: 1xx: hold on 2xx: here you go 3xx: go away 4xx: you fucked up 5xx: I fucked up

take a walk with Shugo Tokumaru and band

The SCUMM Diary - Gamasutra article on LucasArts' legendary adventure game engine ehind_.php?page=1 (via )

Israëlische soldaten geschorst na schieten van video in Portrait-modus via @nrc

/r/GamePhysics is hilarious

RT @sjuu: Oh, red tape. "Humor om te lachen" via @nrc

a Raspberry Pi powered 1/3rd scale Mac Classic, cute! (via @Raspberry_Pi )

RT @blue439: Of course “twerk” comes from the German “Gesamtkunstwerk,” the fusion of all the arts into a single medium of dramatic expression.

liking the bigger layout for Flickr single/combined tag search pages! mp;q=concert+red mp;q=concert+red mp;q=concert+red

street art by @alicepasquini (via @stronk)

RT @donttrythis: Awesome baseball catch!

"Mud" is a fine film.

RT @simurai: Made a little TRON spinner.

How to Charge $546 for Six Liters of Saltwater (via )

A Dark Pattern is a type of user interface that has been carefully crafted to trick users /via


let John Carmack teach you about light in this cool QuakeCon 2013 lecture

RT @tubbydammer: Just read @annoNTK which has this story from 15-years before David Miranda's interrupted journey

'Sending a message': what the US and UK are attempting to do | Glenn Greenwald iranda-gchq-nsa

xkcd - Exoplanet names

great illustrations by Simon Stalenhag (via )

RT @mathewi: "Still wondering why we need a stateless media entity like WikiLeaks? This is why" edia-entity-like-wikileaks-this-is-why/

RT @mdcounselling: An update to Maslow's hierarchy of needs!

slik, bij het zien van deze foto dacht ik even een foutje gemaakt te hebben in onze inbeeld img width/height code o=2

RT @unhush: github being down is like the grown up version of a snow day

In beeld: Kleurrijke graffiti in Queens via @nrc

RT @Nailedlt: Nailed it.

RT @bestevanhetweb: Het antwoord op het 'ikje' van vandaag? Een volmondig ja

tribute to a tree #amsterdam #damrak #iep #streetart

RT @derSchepp: Niche CSS property of the day: vector-effect t-thicker-when-image-stretches

my @Raspberry_Pi arrived, yay! lots to try out, already got @raspbmc working

RT @tara_mulholland: Whatever the Guardian are paying the people in charge of the website layout, it's not enough

RT @mollycrabapple: Now Coinage #2: "Fed-splaining" Example: "You'd totally change your position on this privacy issue if you had the right security clearance"

RT @codepo8: How to do a procedural city in 100 lines - Three.js is pretty insane. -in-100lines/

RT @lexboon: Mijn verhaal van zaterdag in NRC is voorpaginanieuws in Roemenië (incl. de foto die ik heb gemaakt)

giant squirrel spotted in Grand Canyon (via and_took_a_pic_of_a/ )

Breaking Bad S05E09 is out! What a nice birthday present!

RT @RobertPicardo: With a fan at the convention ...

RT @RealMattLucas: Is there a 'Name Of The Year' competition? If so, this one wins….

RT @ftrain: I'm starting a band called System of a Down Comforter. It's a cover band.

RT @Choire: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NEXT PAGE » *closes tab*

Ministerie SZW captured with LOFI 'Little Cyclops' Fisheye digicam

"Gescand vanaf een multifunctioneel apparaat van Xerox.pdf"

RT @heydonworks: #RWD pro tip: to reset a <div>'s width, use 'auto', not 100% (which adds on any padding to make it too wide).

RT @anildash: You know the blog post in your head you've been thinking of writing? Just post it. Post your notes, or ideas, or outline. Just put it out.

"Bowl of fruit, yo." - the best way to increase your chances of a succesful sale on Craigslist

"This is my attempt to document three hundred different gameplay concepts" (via

get your fucking SEO tips here (via @fschroiff )

RT @smashingmag: Brilliant: Context of Diacritics, made to help type designers with refining the character sets of their fonts - #type

Pokemon Battle Royale (via )

RT @nixang: Na afloop van een aflevering van de #Hokjesman concludeert mijn dochter: Het is een soort #Klokhuis, maar dan voor volwassenen.

RT @ID_AA_Carmack: The wood grain on these shutters made me think I was looking at 16 bit banding in the lighting

July 2013

RT @megabulldog2: Meta graffiti "@xstex: Worker removes graffiti, comes back hours later to find image of himself on the same wall. "

RT @keithclarkcouk: Updated my blog post and 3D barrel example on codepen to show how flat shading can be applied to DOM elements:

List of 8-bit computer hardware palettes

op eerste werkdag na vakantie fijn beginnen met het fixen van een layout-bug in IE8

RT @CodePen: Animating hue-rotate() gets trippy quick!

Riding the New Silk Road - Interactive Feature from @nytgraphics (via @nvh)

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