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October 2002 A very simple Exact Audio Copy & LAME MP3 encoder setup guide for high quality mp3s. The new speedy PC provides time and space to convert some cds to mp3 again. EAC is actually ripping two cds at once as I'm writing this: via the DVD-R and via the CD-RW. Nice.

huphtur wrote on 2002/10/23:
hrm.. i would advice usin

milov wrote on 2002/10/23:
I've used cdex (a lot) in the past... but am now trying EAC because it seems more, well, exact.

Owentje wrote on 2002/10/25:
why MP3? it's a dirty , closed licensed and patented technology. You should try Vorbis OGG, better quality and smaller files :)

too bad the lovely ipod still does not support ogg :(

milov wrote on 2002/10/25:
Oh yeah, the ogg thing...
The last time i made some oggs (via cdex), they sounded rather "crackling and popping", especially during the start and end of a song. But maybe I'll try again, via EAC.