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August 2003
This is a custom view script I wrote for my feed on feeds [2252] install, removing a bunch of details/options I don't need. Most importantly: I have no desire to read people's weblog entries in anything other than the original design, so descriptions are out.

It's still basically a flat listing of recent items sorted by date, except I made it so adjacent items are grouped together in one block if they happen to be from the same feed; resulting in something that would look quite nice in a narrow side frame or searchpane (IE-users can click here to open it in theirs--can't wait for Firebird to support this).

Source (script, template and stylesheet):

(Update: I have since totally changed the look of my /feeds/ page so don't be surprised if these templates make it look rather different)

Fidel wrote on 2003/08/24:
Thanks for including the source files for this Milo. Also again for posting to the script in the first place. I'm slowly (When I get the inclination) customizing my copy. fof is a kick ass script. The proof of this is in the meta pudding. I saw this post from fof. =)

folkert wrote on 2003/08/24:
I installed feedonfeeds last week, and haven't touched FeedDemon -which is an outstanding RSSS reader- ever since!

My OPML is on-line, so I can watch my feeds anywhere I want. The only thing I really miss is a notification feature, telling you that there was a new post. To compensate I use a meta refresh-referral to the updatefile and back to the feedview again. But that isn't really the same.

Fidel wrote on 2003/08/25:
The code to fof seems pretty straight forward so it should be too hard to add an update by email or somesuch.

mados wrote on 2003/09/03:
This works in Opera, too. Step 1: Use <a rel="sidebar" href="feeds/"> Step 2: Add target="_main" to any link in the feed (your ?target=_main causes an JS error in Opera 6).

Ruben wrote on 2004/02/25:
Finally I'm into feeds too...