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December 2003

Purrint is a handy little Windows tool for enhancing your PrintScreen button. I configured it to load at startup and silently save a .png screenshot on every press of PrintScreen (while still copying to clipboard of course).

After using it for a while now, my screenshots folder has become a sort of personal Desktop-log, a handy way to find out what apps I had open/what I was working on on a particular day in the past.

huphtur wrote on 2003/12/04:
well? lets see some of em!

P01 wrote on 2003/12/04:
Nice tool. Unfortunately it doesn't work with dos boxes :\

alex wrote on 2003/12/04:
Hey, an Arsware app! Glad to see the site is still making people happy. It's been so slow lately...

Kethinov wrote on 2003/12/05:
Silly Windows users. You don't know what you guys are missing in Linux. ;)

P.S. I agree with huphtur, post screenshots!

milov wrote on 2003/12/05:
Alright, maybe later, when I find some interesting ones...

ceer wrote on 2003/12/09:
This is great !
I configure it to save the png file on my desktop in order to drag it easily to the messenger : very fluid solution for me to show graphic works in progress. (tip: Alt+PrintScreen prints only the active window).
I ve the same desktop log habit, i post some on my site.

Engrbill wrote on 2004/04/27:
Why can't I download Purrintv14???