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December 2003

OdoPlus is a freeware mouse odometer with a twist: besides tracking the distance your mouse cursor has travelled, it also generates a Click distribution map, indicating which areas of the screen have been clicked the most. Here's mine (from the last 4 hours):

Note the bright spot in the upper right from closing a whole bunch of windows. Also, you can sort of tell I have my taskbar docked to the left side of the screen. [via Pricelessware]

Update: here's what my map looks like after 3 weeks of use:

Calm_Pear wrote on 2003/12/15:
So how meters did your mouse travel in that 4 hours? (shameless self plug coming in: I need some people to test my new discussion board, anyone want to have a try?

milov wrote on 2003/12/15:
Calm_Pear: after 5.5 hours I'm at 774 meters and 3274 clicks. :)

Calm_Pear wrote on 2003/12/15:

Kethinov wrote on 2003/12/15:
So this is the closest we're going to get to a screenshot of your desktop, eh? :p

Izzy wrote on 2003/12/16:
nice link, that Pricelessware..