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February 2004

Firebirdfox 0.8 is out!
Seems very speedy to me (but maybe that's because I've been using Internet Explorer for the past 4 days).

Update: see also Branding Firefox [via]

P01 wrote on 2004/02/09:
Alas the JavaScript ( and especially the rendering engine ) are still 3-4 times slower than Mozilla which itself is 3-4 times slower than IE >__<

Jimmy wrote on 2004/02/09:
I've found IE alternatives just don't cut it. I can't seem to log into MT with Opera or Firebird/fox.

huphtur wrote on 2004/02/10:
Milov: FireFox does seem to load pages faster. They must have updated the Gecko engine?

P01: Thats why we try to not use javascript anymore! :hover rules! (I know theres more to javascript then rollovers, I'm just trying to sound positive.)

Jimmy: I have no problem with MT and Firefox (even worked fine on FireBird) Maybe clean your cookies?

P01 wrote on 2004/02/10:
Huphtur: FF0.8 uses Gecko/20040206 while MZ1.6 Gecko/20040113, and FB0.7 used Gecko/20031007

Thank you for trying to be positive ;)
Alas if you have seen some JavaScript stuffs I released in the past, you know that I don't use it to make some rollover ( well except when a stupid client ask me to do it for NN4.02 compatibily X__X )

JW wrote on 2004/02/10:
I used MT in Opera, Firebird and now Firefox without a problem. Pages are loading faster in Firefox, so it seems to me.

Kethinov wrote on 2004/02/10:
"I've found IE alternatives just don't cut it. I can't seem to log into MT with Opera or Firebird/fox."

That's the fault of the designer of "MT", not the browser. Frankly, IE doesn't cut it. From my standpoint, any browser which lakcs tabbed browsing, popup blocking, and has rampant security holes simply isn't worth using.

Daniel Talsky wrote on 2004/02/10:
I love firebird and it's been my primary browser for months now. I still need IE around for a few things (flash doesn't work as well in firebird, and there is some serious problem with the MT login cookies as well).

I downloaded Firefox last night. Love the installer, and it seems to be a little faster than FB. One problem though. On my system (win2k) for some reason NO vertical scrollbard are appearing, even if the content fills the window. That makes it pretty much unusable for me. Hope they fix that soon.

P01 wrote on 2004/02/10:
"...for some reason NO vertical scrollbard are appearing..."

Switch to the default theme if you don't see the scrollbars. Eventually try to switch back.

Jimmy wrote on 2004/02/10:
Found out it works with MT. Lots of little things to get used to.

Jimmy wrote on 2004/02/10:
Found out it works with MT. Lots of little things to get used to.

Fidel wrote on 2004/02/11:
I first became re-interested in mozilla when pheonix came out. I had gotten sick of most of netscape because it was a big stupid suite I didn't need. pheonix was this great little standalone browser that had some good Ideas. It was buggy. I didn't let that stop me from supporting it. Now were at a great new name, things are working even better than ever, I love Firefox. It is the browser the way it should be. It truly is the browser reloaded. Anyway.. we won't need to go back to IE for anything.. sooner than later.. That browser is dead to me.

gw wrote on 2004/02/28:
I've switched to Firefox 8 for 97% of my browsing. The rare exceptions are a couple os sites I visit which won't display correctly with it, and my own MT interface. Go to my blog and search for Firefox -- you'll see the issues I have with Firefox and MT. Suggestions are welcome!

John wrote on 2004/03/03:
This is a great browser. I use it 99% of the time. IE is still better for flash, but Firefox is so much faster than IE and is a great alternative!!