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May 2004

Restoration, freeware undelete tool for Windows [via]

Here's another one: PC INSPECTOR File Recovery

Update 2009-01-12:
Also great is Recuva

Nolte Bernhard jr wrote on 2004/06/18:
need to find my pictures which I deleted by error
thks n rgds

hug wrote on 2004/09/22:
Brian Kato's file deletion utility saved me thanks!

arizona, usa wrote on 2005/01/12:
thanks for linking the utilities.

Tyrone wrote on 2005/04/25:
Thank you for link to the utility, works great

zoerabaja wrote on 2005/05/02:
many many many thanks for your links..

Eko S wrote on 2005/05/23:
Small but very usefull. It's really help me. Thanks a lot, Brian

Spirgut wrote on 2005/08/09:

Noel B (Vancouver BC) wrote on 2005/08/21:
The Brian Kato undelete utility saved me! Thanks.

Jesper Rønn-Jensen wrote on 2005/08/24:
Thanks a lot for this tool! I just restored a photo, that i accidentaly deleted. It works perfectly, simple, easy to use.

Very good work, Brian Kato

Mroten K wrote on 2005/10/13:
Excellent util, saved me a big headache :D THANK YOU

David wrote on 2005/12/06:
This restored from an SD Card for me, great util., worked very quickly and effectively.

Data was very important, thanks!

Elliott Bailey wrote on 2005/12/07:
I was really impressed. My sister lost a lot of video editing that she had done, and it got it all fine - detected quickly, restored quickly, was all round good.

If someone knows Brian Kato email, could you forward it to me, I'd like to thank him (replace that 'AT' with the at sign).

A great program, well written.

Allan wrote on 2006/03/24:
This software is great! Safe my day. So Thanks!!!

JoYo wrote on 2006/04/13:
Brian Kato rockss!! his email was but unfortunately somehow that address is no longer valid. U still can dl @

peron wrote on 2006/05/10:
Works nicely on normal sized files. (Tried a 2.4 GB file) Didn't work on a 11GB large file.

CrazyOz wrote on 2009/10/16:
Where in the world is Brian Kato, author of Restoration?