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January 2005

new Trillian Basic 3.0 is out

Milo wrote on 2005/01/05:
One neat thing is the automatic Wikipedia definition lookup of certain words you type in a message window. Hover over a word with dotted underline and the definition appears in a tooltip.

Ruben wrote on 2005/01/06:
I might give it a try, although I'm quite happy with Miranda IM lately.

Arthur wrote on 2005/01/06:
I don't like it. I use two different MSN accounts, for work and for personal use. When you switch from one account to another, it automatically adds the contacts from the first to the second account... which I so painstakingly kept separated.
Ah well.

Kethinov wrote on 2005/01/20:

Trillian... Miranda... MSN?! I'm sensing a decidedly Windows centric overtone here.

You guys ever heard of GAIM?