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PHP or Perl? Which is best? Lars von dem Ast, 030125 21:03
I'm like many of you who must use a cheap Linux-based Web hosting service that offers only PHP or Perl. Which is best? I know that's a loaded question, but still, I've been getting conflicting comments. My (and most if not all) Web hosters have only on the Perl side (no FastCGI or mod_perl), so it seems like PHP might be able to take more hits. Or am I wrong? Perl seems to have limitless capabilities, but PHP is not far behind and seems to be "in vogue" these days. Your thoughts, please....
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best? Adult Site Maker, 030127 08:24
I like perl
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best? 23JUL, 030127 10:58
I like PHP
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best? Jan!, 030127 11:17
There is no 'best' language. I'd say PHP is the easiest, though. And it was always designed specifically for the web, unlike Perl. Methinks it's easier to separate program logic and output in PHP than in Perl. Or, in the spirit of the previous two messages:

I like PHP
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best? Brian, 030130 14:15
I aggree. PHP is my most favorite language. This is because it is the most flexible programming language, in my eyes. Its easy, works great, not hard to debug. Id go for PHP any time.
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best? mados, 030131 00:43
PHP is better because it's focused on web scripting.

Perl is better because it's not focused on web scripting.

So if you want to do web scripting decide for PHP.
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best? tt, 030201 07:39
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best? John, 040412 21:07
I have a PERL background, but am forced to use PHP occasionally, I consider perl to be better because it has behind it that allows you to write a program to do anything very easily.

For example checking emails, for PERL I look up the relevant CPAN module then it's two lines of code:
(Email::Valid->address('"@ @"') ? 'yes' : 'no');

I search in google and get 60000 pages, mostly written by 15 year olds, none of which are consistent with RFC822 specification for valid email addresses.

I think PERL is faster if you compile it on the server, although PHP is faster if they are both interpreted.
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best?,jcmtnezDELETE_THIS_ANTISPAM,Juan Carlos, 040512 18:42

What is the difference?

Man, if the difference is less than one seccond there is not difference!!!

Any web page takes more than one second to be served, if at the same time it is proccesed, no body notice that.
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best? Cookie Monster, 040607 01:00
Difference in speed...none really(For those that disagree, php speed comes from its mod_php, mod_perl also exits and for other servers perl ISAPI is avaiable)

Difference in power...perl gets the +

Difference in Ease of use...php wins here

If you are a newb to programming, use PHP, if you have programming experience, PERL is right for you.
Re: PHP or Perl? Which is best? John, 050114 20:34
Perl is harder, because it gives you more control over what you do. PHP is more... "This is what you get, live with it".

Perl also seems to handle data faster on linux servers, probably because you can customize the intergration of module sort not. PHP tends to include many modules automatically in your script.
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