scratchy.jpg - 800x600 - 48KB

Several overlayed transparent twirled/stretched versions of the same noisy layer, creating a scratched surface. Works nicely as a desktop wallpaper methinks.
cave.jpg - 640x480 - 55KB

combination of chrome/sharpen/blur effects, overlayed with a color gradient
spg.jpg - 640x480 - 88KB

boba4.jpg - 800x600 - 63KB

goop.jpg - 952x570 - 87KB

dragon.jpg - 640x480 - 81KB

lots of interlacing scanlines/blur/sharpen effects, creating a neat pattern.
slide.jpg - 800x600 - 85KB

it all makes sense now
fade5.jpg - 800x600 - 107KB

i don't know what the hell this is. ended out nicely though.
swoop5.gif - 781x598 - 99KB

Also try this enlarged version of the midsection, makes a nice wallpaper on a black background.
sbr3.jpg - 827x680 - 68KB

I like my wallpaper dark and blurry. This one stretches out nicely at any resolution.
a12.jpg - 800x600 - 114KB