IFFR day 5

Seen today:
Clear People
Basically a collage of scenes and sounds in and around an apartment complex, emphasis more on the surroundings than on the people. Lots of interesting shots that made me wish the picture quality/resolution was better.
Linda Linda Linda
Probably the movie I had the highest expectations for, and though it started a little slow, I was not disappointed. Lots of very funny moments, some subtle, some not so subtle but not at all as slapstick-y as I was fearing. With a great soundtrack (highlight: a version of Happy End's 風来坊 by 湯川潮音). My new favourite.
Black Brush
Since Ode to Joy was sold out I went to this one instead, which turned out to be very funny and entertaining. With a very cool occasional thumping soundtrack-beat by the director's brother, that I wish would occur even more often during the film.
Beautiful Chilean film. Reminiscent of Amélie in parts, though far less fantastical. Another definite favourite.
Look for Me (short)

Ohuchi Shingo, director of Clear People Alicia Sherson, director of Play Roland Vranik, director of Black Brush