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October 2013 (continued)

RT @Vernoeming: De laatste namen in het alfabet - Zzohra, Zzamouri en Zyxcban #Achternamen #Voornamen

RT @ShittingtonUK: God, I wish I'd come up with this idea, but credit goes to @attackalope.

RT @__DavidFlanagan: Beat the NSA: 1) Embed all communications into Hollywood movie files 2) Apply W3C EME DRM 3) Wait for the NSA vs MPAA smackdown!

RT @alex_gibson: Preventing 'layout thrashing' using requestAnimationFrame

September 2013

RT @rem: If your blocking overlay has a button that reads "not interested, keep reading", then perhaps, I don't know, DON'T SHOW THE OVERLAY!</rage>

RT @smashingmag: Don't you just love Easter Eggs? Go to, press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, A, A, A, A… Bingo!

RT @rob_dodson: innerText vs textContent. 544ms vs 1ms to update a table! pretty interesting read.

RT @sturdyAlex: Is this the funniest thing a librarian has ever done, ever? I think so.

RT @quarkness: Als Duitser zou ik dit anders formuleren

RT @schlijper: Geen slachtoffers, dus ik mag het zeggen: wat een prachtige crash edded#at=12 Krijgen ze op een filmset zo niet voor elkaar.

RT @fabynou: I deconstructed the raytracer source code that fit on a business card: . As usual there was a lot to learn :) !

RT @mblongii: The design is done when there is nothing left to take away. Remove to improve:

RT @creativeapps: 'Full Turn' draws third dimension using flat screen rotating at high speed |

RT @firt: Doing home screen web apps? BIG PROBLEMS on iOS 7: no alerts, no external URIs, bugs with more than 4 web apps

RT @TheNardvark: RT @AaronSorkin After much trepidation, I’ve decided to join Twitter. What piques my curiosity is the economy of language required to (1/57)

RT @idaschrijft: Zullen we 't omdraaien? Mn belastinggeld naar onderzoek en bestrijding nare ziektes en dan mogen ze komen collecteren voor die vliegtuigjes

RT @ShaneHudson: I’ve written a short post called ‘Stop Deleting Content!’. Please read and share, it is important. /cc @netmag

RT @HTML5Weekly: console.logtro: The World's First console.log Demo - (A small demo-scene style demo that runs in the JavaScript cons…

RT @quarkness: Als je maar één seconde van een beeldopname ziet vandaag, zorg da dat het deze is: p;amp;t=30s #hawa__ie

RT @deanjnorris: Damn, woke up this morning and my head was KILLING me. Weird

RT @ManMadeMoon: You've manipulated my emotions for the last time, Breaking Bad! Tonight, my heart is a ROCK!

RT @quarkness: En jahoor, de troonrede is wéér uitgelekt #kneiter #troonrede

RT @AmyStephen: Normally, I object to a gang of old-timers coming down on a newbie. BUT, YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. => id=acb0978eb59bb2f3f94d0fe32b6a4d9b

RT @DaveGorman: I imagine this is a pretty effective way of discouraging bike theft:

RT @danielkhanh: iOS Transformer:

RT @Glinner: "Good to see the foreign secretary present when there's shit kicking off in Syria" Wonderful,wonderful Noel Gallagher -hugo-boss

RT @codinghorror: Before you buy any Twitter stock, you should know the shares are hard capped at $140 due to technical constraints.

RT @sizemore: Took me forever to find a painter who listens exclusively to heavy metal, but it was worth it.

RT @readmatter: and here's the post on the NSA that John Hopkins tried to censor:

RT @sjuu: bestond gisteren 1000 dagen dus tijd voor taart van @askimono! #taart #fissa

RT @pattonoswalt: Fascinating Super 8 footage shot by Sean Young in 1983 on the set of DUNE:

RT @slicknet: Breaking news! Your browser does not support iframes.

RT @codepo8: it took about 3 minutes for the font to appear on a wireless sign up page...

RT @wijndelts: WIE heeft hier de mooiste cover? :-)

RT @kcimc: i want a sticker that just says "git" to put next to the "push" and "pull" signs on every door.

RT @EmmaK67: STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and watch this. MIND BENDING pop video from Norway

RT @ShittingtonUK: Hey marketing geniuses, it's called synergy. Nice ball drop, a-holes.

RT @QuantumPirate: Do you get upset at the slightest comment? Like to blow things out of all proportion? Then this magazine is for you.

RT @mikko: Some people can think fast. Good move.

RT @robdelaney: Kinda crazy that the Spice Girls don’t even have one song about Dune.

August 2013

RT @stevelosh: HTTP status ranges in a nutshell: 1xx: hold on 2xx: here you go 3xx: go away 4xx: you fucked up 5xx: I fucked up

RT @sjuu: Oh, red tape. "Humor om te lachen" via @nrc

RT @blue439: Of course “twerk” comes from the German “Gesamtkunstwerk,” the fusion of all the arts into a single medium of dramatic expression.

RT @donttrythis: Awesome baseball catch!

RT @simurai: Made a little TRON spinner.

RT @tubbydammer: Just read @annoNTK which has this story from 15-years before David Miranda's interrupted journey

RT @mathewi: "Still wondering why we need a stateless media entity like WikiLeaks? This is why" edia-entity-like-wikileaks-this-is-why/

RT @mdcounselling: An update to Maslow's hierarchy of needs!

RT @unhush: github being down is like the grown up version of a snow day

RT @Nailedlt: Nailed it.

RT @bestevanhetweb: Het antwoord op het 'ikje' van vandaag? Een volmondig ja

RT @derSchepp: Niche CSS property of the day: vector-effect t-thicker-when-image-stretches

RT @tara_mulholland: Whatever the Guardian are paying the people in charge of the website layout, it's not enough

RT @mollycrabapple: Now Coinage #2: "Fed-splaining" Example: "You'd totally change your position on this privacy issue if you had the right security clearance"

RT @codepo8: How to do a procedural city in 100 lines - Three.js is pretty insane. -in-100lines/

RT @lexboon: Mijn verhaal van zaterdag in NRC is voorpaginanieuws in Roemenië (incl. de foto die ik heb gemaakt)

RT @RobertPicardo: With a fan at the convention ...

RT @RealMattLucas: Is there a 'Name Of The Year' competition? If so, this one wins….

RT @ftrain: I'm starting a band called System of a Down Comforter. It's a cover band.

RT @Choire: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NEXT PAGE » *closes tab*

RT @heydonworks: #RWD pro tip: to reset a <div>'s width, use 'auto', not 100% (which adds on any padding to make it too wide).

RT @anildash: You know the blog post in your head you've been thinking of writing? Just post it. Post your notes, or ideas, or outline. Just put it out.

RT @smashingmag: Brilliant: Context of Diacritics, made to help type designers with refining the character sets of their fonts - #type

RT @nixang: Na afloop van een aflevering van de #Hokjesman concludeert mijn dochter: Het is een soort #Klokhuis, maar dan voor volwassenen.

RT @ID_AA_Carmack: The wood grain on these shutters made me think I was looking at 16 bit banding in the lighting

July 2013

RT @megabulldog2: Meta graffiti "@xstex: Worker removes graffiti, comes back hours later to find image of himself on the same wall. "

RT @keithclarkcouk: Updated my blog post and 3D barrel example on codepen to show how flat shading can be applied to DOM elements:

RT @CodePen: Animating hue-rotate() gets trippy quick!

RT @smashingmag: Very interesting read by @escmum: FAQs: why we don’t have them: hem/ - Do FAQs still make sense on websites?

RT @AbandonedPics: The Paris Inner City “Little Belt”, Railway. Abandoned since 1934

RT @addyosmani: Enable "Show potential scroll bottlenecks" in DevTools to see regions where touch event handlers slow down scrolling

RT @remotesynth: Marco Barria explains how he built a really attractive book animations using CSS 3D Transforms.

RT @HTML5Weekly: An Introduction to CSS Custom Filters:

RT @BarackObama: I spy...

RT @LeaVerou: Chrome-style loader with minimal SVG & CSS animations (thanks @jaffathecake for reminding me about stroke-dashoffset)

RT @smashingmag: As always, great to see @vpieters' case-studies: Designing "Tour of France" infographic + bonus Illustrator tips: phic_for_the_tour_of_france_for_grinta

RT @BBCBreaking: Six protesters from Greenpeace are attempting to climb UK's tallest building, the #Shard

RT @smashingmag: Nice and simple CSS technique: Height Equals Width With Pure CSS: (cc: @chriscoyier)

RT @smashingmag: "Should I Use A Carousel?" — "Yes." — "Wrong answer. Try again." (via @Flocke)

RT @pvdp: Het verschil in kaartprojecties, uitgelegd aan de hand van Zuid-Amerika: #mapporn

RT @jeresig: Been waiting to get my book Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja? Use code dotd0709tw at for 50% off!

RT @shojberg: this is kinda cool :) Voyeur.js via @dunxrion

RT @seb_ly: “@Valstorm: First Person Parkour, looks like @GoPro footage” Genuinely astonishing footage.

RT @JonathanHaynes: One absolute must read of the day, extraordinary piece of reporting: The hoaxer who breaks women's hearts

RT @daveg: I wonder what percentage of Google's $300B worth is based on fake navigation arrows in ads?

RT @pzantingh: NRC is op zoek naar Nederlanders die in '97 bij de etappe naar Alpe d'Huez waren, toen Pantani won ( Jij? Reply!

RT @typodermic: "Built" A web headline font family by me. #fonts

RT @codepo8: Before you try to “fix” or “improve” forms on the web… ve-forms-on-the-web/ - some basic thoughts on forms. #a11y #basics #html #http

RT @paul_irish: Chrome's console will now bitch less about webfont mimetypes. This bothered me so I fixed it!

RT @mrtnkl: ♥ DosBox? ♥ Javascript? Come to the meetup on July 31 at @q42 Amsterdam and hear Kevin O'Dwyer talk about his port

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