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November 2013

RT @drcongo: I made a new tumblr to track the stupidest trend on the web:

RT @textfiles: Archive Team has now downloaded 5,000,000 Hyves accounts.

RT @ruud008: Net @BVanaerle voor 60 hele euro's gekocht

RT @turnislefthome: Unreal work here from @DWDSGN :

amazing how much traffic drudgereport's one little text link to ks-with-malicious-software/ generates, seems to far exceed any other site

"Feature Development for Social Networking", a short story orking (via )

RT @rdcotter: It sounds like @billwscott is having a great time transitioning @PayPal stack from Java to @nodejs

RT @donttrythis: Hummingbird snoring. Thanks reddit. Made my day.


Epic graffiti timelapse video: SOFLES — LIMITLESS. (via )

RT @nrc: NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software

RT @serafinowicz: Police horses have the power of arrest, but only over other horses.

RT @loekas_de_b: Ik vertrouw maar weer op mijn voorkant bij mijn boekverslag

using Unicode symbols as css UI elements is great fun, tho I always need to double check if they render at all on Android; many still don't

RT @wieland: Nu bij #dwdd @pvdmeersch over de samenwerking van @nrc met @ggreenwald #NSA

Monty Python AMA t_john_cleese_terry/ (via )

RT @paul_irish: NYTimes dramatically improved page load time and effectively handled 3rd party ads: Great talk by @eitanmk

vraag me af wie er achter dit (treffende) nep-tv-programma zit - Zwarte Piet fail on Canadian tv piet-to-defend-it-on-canadian-tv-and-failed-hard/ (via @quinsyg)

RT @play_create: My flowers are on Discovery today, wow! rated-flowers-bloom-photos-131121.htm

RT @empiremagazine: Love The Cornetto Trilogy? Love Photoshop? This is the poster mash-up competition for you:

watching Punisher: War Zone and then listening to the How Did This Get Made director's special is great fun

RT @folkertjensma: 'Ik ben Marokkaans en ontelbare malen gefouilleerd' Lees Reactie 51 op de laatste Rechtsstaat : l-te-lezen-zonder-een-id-of-een-redelijk-doel/ via @nrc

RT @Bjheijne: Kleine winkels zijn toch t leukst.

Sample Text that is Sort of Running Too Short So Now it's Longer


RT @dmost: Noticing the UI elements in XCode. Button looks like text, and text looks like button.

RT @dudleystorey: New blog post: which CSS color systems to use where.

RT @TheAngryDM: This new Captcha is hardcore: "Verify You Are a Human: Harm a fellow human or, through inaction, allow a fellow human to come to harm."

RT @rob_dodson: Hm…

RT @dphiffer: A video about @occupy_here from a new Dutch news site, @decorrespondent: -/4759872887-0d36c0cb (EN w/ NL subtitles) /cc @GrantMiiller

RT @jcoglan: For posterity: Why GitHub is not your CV.

RT @JonathanDean_: Imagine being 163-years-old, with all the wonder you have seen, and having to take an EasyJet flight

RT @Stavros: Winning (cheating) at Candy Crush:

My Quiet City update: Arnhem

RT @blowdart: Instead on going on about how cool coin is you should all be horrified it's that easy to copy your cards.

RT @roelgroeneveld: Scott Rinckenberger awesome meteor photo (via @duncan):

Color Coded Candy by Emily Blincoe oe/ via @Colossal (via @minisje)

annoyed at @disqus 500 Error, but greatly enjoying their error page (try 1 thru 7 as well)

RT @DeReactiegraaf: Te leuk. Telegraaf "blogger" Maria neemt artikel van @DeSpeld over. Waarop vervolgens weer serieus wordt gereageerd. e-bevolking-uitkleden.

RT @brittneyg: indicates it's meat-free:

dogs waiting in berlin

RT @lhl: Graphics/fractal nerds, this is one of the coolest blogs I've come across recently:

Arnhem / Museum van Moderne Kunst (38 photos, Pentax K20D + 21mm)

RT @AurelianCaesar: Oh Steam you stars #SimplifiedEnglish

RT @zachbraff: Favorite, the silver medal of Twitter.

.@minisje in het museum #mmka #arnhem

RT @schlijper: Als bij elke herinrichting boomwortels gekapt worden, gaan bij de volgende storm weer veel bomen om in #Amsterdam:

RT @AlexanderNL: Heel mooi overzichtsstuk op Tweakers over aftappen in Nederland. In één keer bij over wat nu speelt nst-wil-alles-weten.html

"Ik stelde Herman van Veen alle vragen over Alfred Jodocus Kwak die ik ooit nog wilde stellen" | VICE -alfred-jodocus-kwak-die-ik-ooit-nog-wilde-stellen via @ViceNL

RT @redhotminute: En wat als we nu eens een schaduw over #iOS7 leggen? Mooier? #design

RT @thomatronic: De NOS straft online lezers wel hard met line height en banners. -

RT @heydonworks: New post! "Tetris & The Power Of CSS" #CSS

RT @skwirrol: #soundwave #wip

RT @mathewi: great day to be a white dude in a suit:


Trajectum Lumen tunneltje, Utrecht

RT @erocdrahs: How to deal with tv companies wanting to use your music for free /cc @christt #marvellous

above/below-the-fold css separation now in effect on , reducing initial html/css payload to <10kB / two HTTP requests

RT @grumpygamer: These are really creepy:

hello Android 4.3! yay for CyanogenMod updates

Via @nprmusic: First Listen: Soundtrack, 'Inside Llewyn Davis' (via )

RT @doge_css: wow div#header > ul.nav li such bad many selector few class no much perform

RT @CodePen: Use a Google Spreadsheet as your JSON backend :: Should work great on CodePen.

RT @danwrong: Programming in JavaScript? Simply memorize this handy table before using zero in your code:

RT @maartencsmit: Nieuwe #fyra op Rotterdam Centraal vandaag

RT @regio15: Nu online: Leidse vliegtuigbom op strand van Wassenaar tot ontploffing gebracht om-boem #boem

RT @marcinignac: Pointless Diagrams

RT @n0wak: Of all the stupid shit in Thor: The Dark World, the wrong number of tube stops between Charing Cross and Greenwich bugged me the most.

RT @anildash: Nice catch by @davewiner of Amazon enabling static javascript apps: A server-tech analog to flat design simplicity.

RT @remotesynth: Parker Bennett demonstrates how he created a layout with complex shapes and image backgrounds using CSS.

RT @UnfinishedS: Nostalgia...

RT @iederwoord: flutartikel

RT @ChristinaMcMc: I like how on the Guardian homepage it currently looks like the Pope and a bear are waving at each other.

RT @GonzoHacker: When StackOverflow goes down, how do they figure out what's going wrong?

RT @timdewit: In Berlijn kan alles. Dus ook je paard mee de S-Bahn in nemen.

RT @2525: Google, Facebook zeggen de strijd aan te gaan met NSA om ons te beschermen. Voelt toch een beetje als Hannibal Lecter die je komt redden.

RT @VanDieMensenDie: Vragen of dat niet gevaarlijk is, antikraak wonen.

RT @Pica_motor: Selfie: Unidentified woman taking her own photograph using a mirror and a box camera, roughly 1900.

October 2013

RT @SirPatStew: Happy Halloween.

RT @troyhunt: Just blogged: Disassembling the privacy implications of LinkedIn Intro:

RT @stewart: Ah! The first promoted tweet I've seen with the new inline images. Now I get it.

RT @Fascinatingpics: When unsure of how to answer a true false question..

RT @MartinKoolhoven: AAAAAAAARGH RT @olchert: OMG!! 'De Rabo gaat het doen...' Hoe krom kunnen je tenen zijn #huilt #teambuilding

"[ツ] is becoming increasingly popular as an emoticon in the Western world due to its resemblance to a smiling face."

RT @serafinowicz: I wish I knew his name. RT @firehat: This is the best men’s Halloween costume I have ever seen

The Wes Anderson Collection (via @fontanel)

RT @onzetaal: Nog meer medeklinkers achter elkaar dan #herfststorm: angstschreeuw, gerechtsschrijver (8). Recordhouder: borsjtsjschranzer (10).

RT @IDS_MP: GOVERNMENT ADVICE: If your home is in the path of the storm, head to your second or third home for safety. #ukstorm

RT @jeansnow: Bender as one of the robots in Laputa (Castle in the Sky): 43297

RT @ID_AA_Carmack: Disappointed with the Framemeister upscaler, I dug out an old real CRT. Son commented "GFX are much better!"

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