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July 2005 (continued)

I've just added the tag to a whole bunch of photos with a similar vertical form factor as this one.

water droplets on leaf 2

water droplets on leaf


May 2005

ducks bw

Three weeks later, those cute duckies have gotten a little bigger and a lot cheekier.

two birds

hiding behind mama duck

April 2005

let's stick together

These shy kids hatched from a single nest in our backyard. I have a picture of their proud mom as well.

submerged tiles

March 2005

swan sunrise

January 2005

November 2004

October 2004

September 2004

water droplets form on tar roof

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August 2004

wavey reflection of sun and fence

July 2004

geese family bw

May 2004

photo: meerkoet family

April 2004

layered reflection

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water spill

December 2003

September 2003

August 2003

thought objects
reminds me of 2004

May 2003


April 2003

Resume photologging in 3, 2, 1...