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July 2004 (continued)

random linkage

Click these links a bunch of times then report back here about the interesting things you've found:

June 2004

phil ringnalda dot com: Worst RSS and Atom article ever

Blogging Abroad (Expat Bloggers) [via]

RTL Nieuws item over 'webloggen'

May 2004

Daring Fireball: Writing for Google [via]

March 2004

By the way, I've been nominated for the Dutch Bloggies 2004 (our national weblog awards, sort of). Which surprised me since I haven't been doing all that much 'blogging' lately. Coincidentally I'm the only one in my category that doesn't write in Dutch. :)

January 2004

weblog snapshots at [via Anil Dash]

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September 2003

"Yo, ho! Bottle of rum?"
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
A pirates life for me

A selection of entry titles from the feeds today; must be Talk Like A Pirate Day!

In the Beginning: A video on Weblogs History [ via]

about:blank - dubbelinterview low & elrado

July 2003

Paul Hammond writes about Chaos Theory and Link Propogation with regard to how the css border slants link traveled through (a subset of) the weblog world.

I noticed too how nice it was that I could trace the link back from Arthur is verweg! to Simon Willison to Paul's site, all thanks to precise permalinking: pointing to specific entries rather than the front page of the originating blog. And if the sites in question allow visitor comments, this means jumping from one relevant conversation to another, to another, etc...

May 2003

April 2003

Interesting mp3s at iotic music diary.

Loggies der Lage Landen - ben genomineerd, leuk.
Find more Dutch photoblogs via

March 2003

Even wat bezoekers naar sluizen...

February 2003

Fotoblog registra cotidiano por meio de imagens - Eduardo is famous! "Marquetti carrega sua câmera digital em função do fotoblog". Babelfish translation here. - "a blog index that focuses on metadata" and the reason I added three more metatags to my site: author, and dc.language. From the makers of

January 2003

DutchBloggies 2003 are open for nominations!

Between this, and the Muzzy Banner Awards 2003 (which I also built), and the national election, and the Bloggies, and the Photobloggies, it's been vote-mania lately...

2003 Weblog Awards Nominees are revealed. Go Whedonesque!

For the first time in years, I actually added some meta-tags to my main site template: ICBM and DC.title. All for the benefit of finding out which sites are nearest to me, powered by

And on a national level, is compiling lists of weblogs in Holland per postal code area. [via]

ik sta in een overzicht!

October 2002

Antipixel | Buttons Redux: Tweakability - post/discussion on altering the look of the ubiquitous "xml.gif" button, prompted by his posting of a nice collection of custom button designs.

I've currently decided on using a text-only css-powered version, labelled 'RSS' instead of 'XML'. Recognisable enough, methinks. Scroll down to see it...

Update: here's the source code:
<a href="/rss.xml" style="background-color:#f60; border:2px outset #ffc8a4; color:white; text-decoration:none; font:bold 10px sans-serif; padding:0px 3px 0px 5px; letter-spacing:1;">RSS</a>

IF THEN ELSE featuring "the world's first videoblog" (Windows Media req.)

September 2002 is terug en met mooie omkat en met mooie foto's. [via Rood Petje]

March 2002

Test - pinging


Low-tech method of testing the link-density of a page: hold down [Tab] and see how fast the page scrolls down...

nakedself | weblog - ha, 't valt me nu pas op....

The Register: Back in the Bloghouse [via]

February 2002

brentashley on NS4: "Okay, I'm tired of being polite about it [...] I'm not listening LA LA LA LA LA."

Anti-Bloggies results [via Metafilter]

January 2002

Kijk nou, Low Weblog verandert van naam en design...

Heheh, this is good...

Looks like we're gonna see plenty more sites with instant referrer lists, thanks to this easy-to-use Link Feedback thingy... [via a whole bunch of logs]

De discussie van de dag vindt plaats op

dutchBloggies 2002: De Stemronde moest ik nog even linken... Dank voor de nominatie "Indrukwekkendste source code"!

Toch nog maar even mijn dutchBloggies 2002 nominaties invullen....

dutchBloggies 2002 zijn gearriveerd. Vorig jaar won ik nog de 'beste script in een weblog' nominatie. [via]

December 2001

los otros, les autres, d e e p w e b - I'm in there somewhere...

Social network explorer @ Blogdex, hmm? Ah, this is what was writing about... Interesting.

wie is waar? [bij jeewee]

November 2001 has been tracking and generating statistical data for each weblog that pings
Ik denk telkens 'Nina Dari'(?) als ik het in m'n referrers zie, maar dit weblog heet dus eigenlijk 'Niks nada rien'.

pallaink noticed I linked back and writes (Excite translation):

Although it thought that there was access here and there and it was amusing something from the Netherlands (man of nl domain) from several days before, the reason was found today. To the page of banner I.AM/BALD Although an uncle's banner was decorated, this to the former page there Link It was carried out. What and まぁ ... Trap which naturally cannot be read since it is Japanese. It greets for the time being and is profit! Welcome! The って Netherlands is Netherlands 語だっけ ? じゃぁ. Welkom! but a level -- it is high .

Which reminds me: I want to read more foreign-language blogs. Submit some! The more obscure the better...

October 2001

Hey... TastyLog is back.

Voor de IE gebruikers: Tom's handige Nederlandse Weblogs Sidebar kan je ook direct met deze javascript-link openen, zonder eerst een .reg-file te hoeven installeren (en je Zoekknop blijft ook werken):


(Tip: sleep de link naar je Links-bar.)

pretty weblog designs i came across recently:
- skyline
- nultwee
(and many others, of course...)

Low = jarig en verhuisd en omgekat!

September 2001

BoogBlog krijgt een 4.5 ondanks het feit dat de reviewer geen Duits spreekt! [via BoogBlog] interviewt Jeroen Bosch [via]

Oe! Low staat al bijna bovenaan:

August 2001

Cool, Wil Wheaton (Wesley from Star Trek TNG) has a weblog! Frequently updated, even. He'll probably top blogdex for quite a while. [via]

Update: also check out this fun interview with Wil at Aint It Cool News. Talking about conventions: "if they hold up their hand in a live long and prosper thing, it's probably best not to call on them."

90+ reacties, aanbevolen leesvoer. [via] "Link via subinev via red via"
Now that's the kind of thorough referrer-linking I like to see!

Metafilter is on vacation but leaves us with this giant list of member-links. [via Low]

Alt0169-tribute at [via]

Voor de gelegenheid maar weer even m'n oude Alt-parodie-template werkend gemaakt:

submit.html, natuurlijk, dat was het, submit.html...

Aah! Alt0169 is terug!! [via cioran]

July 2001

Metafilter goes haiku-crazy (scroll down a bit).
[via dithered]

the first haiku i
have ever written is this
don't know if correct

Pok-Friends - char charmander char? pika pika!

Leuk, altijd al de email adressen willen hebben van 131 nederlandse webloggers... (heeft u 'm ook ontvangen?) wordt trouwens ook steeds mooier...

Gepotst vanaf de popkwis-meeting bij en!

Leuk... screenshots op

Much thanks to the nice people of The Weblog Review for giving this site a 4.5 rating! (4.5 out of a possible 5, I assume ;)

The Friezlog is now table-less (with a biiig background image!). Also check out his page on Learning Foreign Languages through weblogging.


Caesar redesigned his blog. [via The Nutlog]

"de geitenfokvereniging"? Hmm... Heb me ook maar aangemeld. Maar m'n Blogger password zit in m'n andere jas... [via Low] - flauw zeg... ;)

June 2001

[204 reacties]

April 2001 - Neat overview of webloggers' birthdays, complete with site-screenshots. [via Elrado (new design!)]

March 2001

Aha, de dutchbloggies zijn blijkbaar alweer afgelopen. Ik heb de categorie 'beste script in een weblog' gewonnen, leuk. Vraag me nog steeds af door wie het nou eigenlijk is opgezet...

Kent u deze nog?, alweer bijna een jaar oud.

December 2000

Dream Blog, interesting. [via random blog link]