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January 2004

weblog snapshots at [via Anil Dash]

This looked like fun so I made my own:

Nu nog uitprinten en als boekenlegger gebruiken.

Maarten wrote on 2004/01/08:
How did you do this?

milov wrote on 2004/01/08:
By viewing the page in fullscreen and taking a couple of screenshots, pasting it together in Photoshop.

Retal wrote on 2004/01/08:
Easy as pie! (..)

Tuuur wrote on 2004/01/08:
More interesting: why did you do this? :-)

drunkmen wrote on 2004/01/08:
You could use something like this:
(unstable, online while it lasts)

milov wrote on 2004/01/09:
Cool stuff, drunkmen.

For a quick/ugly snapshot, one can also paste this in the IE address bar:

Thiemo wrote on 2004/01/10:
I'm damn short in comparison. ;-) Also see

t-jo wrote on 2004/01/10:
cool! now u can't see any difference between my cheap log and a real movable type site.)

drunkmen wrote on 2004/01/15:
Research on webdesign, based on the requested snapshots: