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Enter Key doesn't work JB, 040220 04:02
Ever since I downloaded the latest Microsoft updates my "enter" key has stopped working. The "enter" key on the number pad doesn't work either. I've changed out the keyboard, so the board is not the problem. I'm using XP. I've seen similar posts on other boards so this seems to be a major problem. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,esjay619,shannon, 040222 19:49
mine doesn't either it pisses me off. it won't even work in word it is so frustrating. i need some help. anyone??
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Eirk, 040223 06:37
yeah shits me in the address bar and shit like that but nowhere else
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Joyce, 040224 20:47
Is there anyone out there that knows the answer to this problem? One page I went to said something about deleting the keyboard driver and reinstalling, but I don't have a clue how to do that. Another said something about going to regional settings and changing something or another....this problem has already gotten on MY LAST GOOD NERVE!!!
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,tahila,amanda, 040224 21:49
My enter key has stopped working yet again!! The first time I had the problem I had to restore my computer to an earlier date which fixed the problem however I don't want to have to do that again. It seems my enter key stopped working when I was finished using Wordperfect 10. I am also running XP and just installed updates.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,sandreas,Sarah, 040226 15:57
My enter key just stopped working. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling the keyboard driver that did not fix the problem. So if anyone figures it out please post!
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,sandreas,Sarah, 040226 17:31
I removed the last secruity update for XP and my enter key started working again.
Thursday, February 12, 2004 Security Update for Windows XP (KB828028)
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Milton Waddams, 040301 01:25
Hey people!!
I was having the same problem. A new keyboard will not is not a virus. You need to do a System Repair from the Reinstallation CD (if you have one). This is NOT the same as a System Reformat.

I have windows xp pro and was walked through the process by a dell tech rep, as my xp pro came bundled in with my computer from dell. You will have to find your individual system providers for assistance.

If you know how to conduct a system repair already, break a leg. If you do not how to do not mess up your system and bungfungle with the people who support the OPERATING SYSTEM on your PC.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,annawang27,Anna, 040302 05:47
I tried removing the security update KB828028, and at first I thought it worked, but now my enter key isn't working's been almost a month. I don't have a Reinstallation CD and the tech. support for Toshiba just kept insisting I buy a new keyboard (3 diff. reps.) Help!
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,annawang27,Anna, 040302 06:47
Hi! Me again...haha..I tried removing other updates with numbers greater than my enter key is working! *relief* I hope this lasts!
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,sisab,Syed, 040302 09:37
My enter key doesn't work intermittenly and i haven't install 828028 update.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,afenton,Ali, 040302 16:00
I am having the same problem - How do I remove a security update?
Re: Enter Key doesn't work SAME HERE, 040303 00:36
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,iluvdukes79,ralph, 040303 05:12
my enter key also died i tried deleting 2 security updates from xp after it started and purchased a new keyboard same story.I HATE IT ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!please if anyone knows the answer to this problem with windows xp's enter button please post or email me at iILUVDUKES79@YAHOO.COM.another thing i dont understand it works when i sign on for a couple of mins,then just stops working completely.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,Bitemeubloodyelf,Cindy, 040303 11:05
i have the same problem people....and i dont know what to do either if anyone knows how to fix me (bitemeubloodyelf it gets very annoying after a while.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Joannah, 040303 21:46
try this one, it worked,
Start -> Run -> sfc /scannow
click ok and insert the winxp cd if it prompts you to then hit retry
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Joannah, 040303 21:48
by the way, you would have to restart the computer first after the system file checker window goes away. after reboot, that's when enter should work
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Abdon, 040305 08:55
Please help
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Fabfan, 040306 00:00
I e-mailed Dell support, and they recommended the 'Restore to a Prior Restore Point' feature of Windows XP. It worked for me, I restored to the day before I installed the first of a number of MS patches (when my troubles began), and now my system is back to normal.

To get there, click Start/Help and Support/Undo Changes to your computer with System Restore, and then follow the wizard. Here's a Dell support article that describes the process:

I was as frustrated as the rest of you, and now it's fixed!

BTW-you only restore system settings, none of your documents etc. are touched!
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,uxbs,Dave, 040308 15:19
same problem here, I have XP Pro and IE 6 with SP1... it will work only in the address bar of IE.... problem seems to occur when IE has been open for a while, close IE and it works again.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,derlpp,JB, 040309 07:43
I tried the link that Dell supplied. The Restore function solved the problem, but another one popped up. Now when I start the computer a message (Error: Could not execute Main. The system could not find the file specified). I can click by it and everything goes OK. You will have to reload any programs that you've installed since the restore point date. In my case it was a new pronter and a keyboard. Problem seem to be gone though. Yippee!
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,geek1955,Diane Easter-Brown, 040309 19:16
Hello everyone, My enter Key is not working either and I have contacted my keyboard company and they did give me a program to try to solove the problem, but it did no good. just like many others I tried switching the keyboard and that did no good. I am getting very frustrated with the dam thing and almost feel like throwing the whole computer out of the window. Can someone please help me before I take drastic measures and shoot the dam thing.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Wann, 040310 16:58
hi, my enter button has gone wierd since a month ago. Sometimes it works, soometimes it doesnt. Its really annoying. Is there anything else less advanced to help us.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Alexandros Triantaf…, 040311 02:15
yep. Same here;)
Re: Enter Key doesn't work IT Guy, 040311 19:09
guys... stop removing MS Hot Fixes - the problem is in your Browser. I am probably the first one here who's going to give you a full answer. Your browser has been hijacked - no, I am not kidding, it was. Want proove? Sure -- Open your Internet Explorer and type..let's say "This IT guy is right!" (no www; no http:// just plaint phrase) and hit Enter Key (it will work (the enter key)), then see what happens -- it will go out and search for the phrase, but pay attention what Search Engine it uses (by default (unless you changed it manually) IE takes you to to search for whatever you typed in URL window), but in your case, I am 99.9% sure it will take you to some other search engine...

why? Because it's been hijacked. now you probably think WTF? gives the answer -- go out on the internet and look for Spy Removal software, some cost money, some are free (i used one that's free, a rule of thumb - never pay money for what's on the internet). Good luck!
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Rachel Forder, 040311 19:56
Yep! ITGuy is right. I downloaded SpyBotS&D tool to remove all unauthorized programs from my machine. After running that tool my 'enter/return' keys works perfect.

Re: Enter Key doesn't work AOL.COM,TOUGHSHORTY2812,LORA, 040312 09:56
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Mo, 040313 05:14
IT Guy is a hero. Definitely knows his stuff. Big ups to you IT. Saved me a lot of headaches when I was about ready to heave the computer right out the window. Thanks. Mo.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,missyloowho69,missyloowho69, 040313 20:49
dang enter key wont work i dont know how to do just a system recovery i need lotsa help anyone out there know how to fix a damn enter key?
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,jibba820,Jenna, 040314 19:20
My enter key stopped working last we got a new keyboard to see if my other one was the problem...well last night the enter key worked for about 20 minutes...and then it stopped too.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Derek, 040314 23:50
 I'm having the same problem. I did what IT guy said about getting a spyware detecting program and it detected around 1000 traces of spyware so I deleted them and that still hasn't solved my Enter key problem. It is getting really annoying, I have a really hard time typing e-mails and reports. I can't even go down a line right now when I am typing here. I was wondering if anyone was able to fix this problem, Please get back to me on how to fix it if you got it fixed.             Sincerely,                                                      ~Derek~
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Derek, 040314 23:53
I'm having the same problem. I did what IT guy said about getting a spyware detecting program and it detected around 1000 traces of spyware so I deleted them and that still hasn't solved my Enter key problem. It is getting really annoying, I have a really hard time typing e-mails and reports. I can't even go down a line right now when I am typing here. I was wondering if anyone was able to fix this problem, Please get back to me on how to fix it if you got it fixed. ~Derek~
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Derek, 040317 14:29
I have found a solution to getting the enter key to work. All you have to do is to create a new profile on your computer (new account) I tried it last night and it works!!! Just wanted to pass this on to all of you who are still having problems.

~Derek Ivey~
Black Hole Studios
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Linda, 040318 07:12
Cannot for the life of me understand why the enter key no longer works. I have a HP pavilion (out of warranty of course )and on their customer support page there is a write up about the problem - funny how HP did not know anything about it when I rang up but clearly stated it was a Microsoft issue. In any case there was certain steps to take to remedy the problem........did it twice and the enter key works for about 30 minutes then its gone again. Have uninstalled and re installed the keyboard twice also but still the problem remains. I rang Microsoft and they know nothing about any such problem. I took the advice from this forum and I have downloaded and installed spybot S&D and if for nothing else it has removed a lot of stuff that I did not know I had.
I will keep you posted of how it goes. (enter key just worked and got me to another far so good....but it has only been a few minutes)
Linda - Australia
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,nautica_chic,Genasis, 040319 01:35
Hey! I got a reccomendation that anyone who is having this problem, scan your computer for spyware. Some spyware causes this problem, so if nothing else seems to be working, try searching for "Spybot Search and Destroy" or go to "" and download [please note that all downloads are at your own risk, and there is a chance that removing some registry keys or programs with 'Spybot S&D' may adversley effect your computer. Please read all infomation carefully!]

I talked to the IT pros over here at my work, and they blame the windows update... but claim that there is a 'patch'... anyone have info on this?

I used "Add and Remove Programs" in the Control Panel to remove the update. I am a Windows 2K Pro user... so this is effecting a lot of operating systems!

Re: Enter Key doesn't work,llriley,Linda, 040320 14:26
My last notice here was 18 March where I had reported the same problem you are all having and downloaded spybot. It is now midnight 20 March and I have not experienced the enter key not working since 18 March...........this is a breakthrough especially since it was misbehaving after the computer was running only for about 30 minutes. I have to admit, not knowing much about the inside workings I was a little daunted about what spybot was showing me and so I left all registry keys alone and allowed spybot to fix all the others.....this has proved to be the much needed fix it. I do hope you all eliminate your problems...........warmest regards, Linda
Re: solution Natasha, 040322 08:40
I don't know a lot about computers but i figured this much out.
Someone has hacked into your computer and has control of your mouse and/or keyboard. Download a free spyware program immediately. This one here is free
and worked like a charm instantly.
Glad I can use my enter key and my CD Rom drive doesn't eject anymore!!!! Bye for now
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,michael.grossman,Anonymous Comp Killa, 040322 18:47
Okay, dont flip, its probably not a hacked comp, like stated above. The reason the spysweeper works is because this problem is usually the result of New.Net being installed. Real Player, and Kazaa are two known sources of this. The registry fixer stated above sfc /scannow usually works. Spysweeper and Spybot will too. Or u can just uninstall New.Net from your comp. Good luck.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work JJ, 040323 04:04
Ok.... my enter key isnt working.... so i am running spybot and i found something weird on me and my boyfriends computer..... the program is called Ezula... neither of us downloaded and the symbol for the program is the same one that messed up my computer before.... so run you spybot program and delete it I am most confident that it will work
Re: Enter Key doesn't work xkg, 040324 18:54
I have the same problem. It happened some time back after I discovered some programs i never downloaded and I removed the programs from my was included--plus searchbars and other stuff which makes my computer go to a search engine and interrupts my mail checking and other tasks. now can't use my enter keys. am hoping the spybot thingie will work. here goes nothing.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Tarllls, 040325 04:57
Remove New.Net and the problem will be solved.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,llriley,Linda, 040325 23:24
Hi all.............its now 26 March and still the enter is working, thank goodness. Originally I said the spybot thing worked a dream but I was removing a program the other day and I saw "" in there. Couldn't work out where it came from so I deleted it. Spybot worked in the first instance but I too had the be some fact in just removing the In any case, my computer is fixed. I feel so sorry for people who, thinking it was their keyboard, went out and bought a new one - that stinks. To think someone can invade your home computer sucks............good luck all.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Ryan, 040328 22:54
Yah my enter key is also fouling up. Works sometimes. Then other times it wont work. I read all the above posts, i downloaded Spyware removal and am on the verge of removing it. If i still have the problem i will try my best to help others also.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work ,virtualburn:at:hotamail:dot:com,VirtualBurn, 040331 15:48
Thnx goes to.

Re: Enter Key doesn't work Dave, 040308 15:19
same problem here, I have XP Pro and IE 6 with SP1... it will work only in the address bar of IE.... problem seems to occur when IE has been open for a while, close IE and it works again.

I thought I'd tried everything..but this worked first time.

Re: Enter Key doesn't work IT Guy, 040331 23:13
Ok falks IG Guy is back those of you who dont read the whole message board before start screaming do not deserve their Enter key to work =) kidding here

Anyways, those of you who did what I told in my previous post good, but not good enough. Here is the list of free sotware that you can find on the internet that you should run. Make sure you put them in their own directory, because one of them (cant remember which), will create bunch of files that afterwards can be deleted.

Run them in this order:

1st one HijackThis
2nd one CWShredder

Hope this helps.

-- IT Guy
Re: Enter Key doesn't work HeySteve, 040401 17:19
Thank God im not the only one with this peoblem, i thought it was just my Logitech Keyboard, or batteries, but i changed them out and its still didnt work. this "no enter key" peoblem better get fixed. maybe its an XP thing, cause i was running Windows 2000 and had no prolems
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,jest8,Jest8, 040401 23:40 is the responsible party in this issue...try going to add/remove programmes and uninstall it there...unfortunately, these progs have a bad habit of coming back again and again.
Software reccomendadions are:
Spybot Search and destroy (already been mentioned but worth repeating :)
AdAware 6.0 Standard Edtion

Remember to make sure all of these programs have the latest definitions.. use the help file to find out how.
AND RUN THEM ALL!!! Each of these are very good but they all find different things.

Also, make a habit of running them every few weeks or so, as well as using the "immunizing" feature in Spybot.

I do reccomend Hijack This but if you're not sure what to remove with it, ask before you remove anything.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work mbez, 040402 15:55 was the problem. Please delete this program under 'add/delete programs', reboot, and then download ALL of the spyware protection programs. You will need to rid your PC of current spyware and also protect it from new threats in the future.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Ferom, 040408 12:22
thanks Jest8 & mbez, removing helped me too... now my Enter key is totally working again.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,Heavenlygurl14,andrea, 040414 02:06
omg! does n e body know what to to about this. it pisses me off. i have a brand new computer,i thought new stuff was suppose to work. if u do please email me tell me how to fix~!!!!!
Enter Key doesn't work,babii_jojo,Jo, 040417 05:17
hey man my enter button doesnt work =( is there any free spyware removal program? i cant find one.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work,babii_jojo,jo, 040417 05:18
hey man my enter button doesnt work =( is there any free spyware removal program? i cant find one - someone can u plz help me this is so annoying!
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Brett, 040501 10:45
I installed Skype and set the hot key to answer the phone to the Enter key
Since I've changed it back, the enter key is working again
Hope this helps
Re: Enter Key doesn't work ,adf,bob, 050108 05:25
help. enter has stopped. can't type on warcraft III. can't do shit. end this maddeness. must join clan on warcraft III. can't. enter does not work. HELP!!!!!!!!!
Re: Enter Key doesn't work Simbamangu, 050218 09:49
As posted above, spyware removal tools will help with this issue. There is another spyware package (180Search) which causes this enter key problem as well - apparently in conflict with some Windows updates.

The new Microsoft Spyware removal tool worked well. I used Spybot originally, which worked OK at first, but found the problem back the next day.
Re: Enter Key doesn't work ash, 050222 05:11
help pls my keyoard is stuffed, all of a sudden the 'b' key stopped working :S i just inserted that one as a symol umm i unplugged it and plugged it ack in, and it spammed word with the letter 'b' and then when i hit another key it doesnt work anymore Does this mean i need a new keyoard or what can i do?
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Re: Enter Key doesn't work rob zombi, 061008 08:44
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