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off the tv milov, 020528 23:00
Taking random photos of the television screen is fun... 'specially if you happen to click just in the middle of a crossfade:
Re: off the tv Low, 020529 23:06
Watching Buffy also helps! ;-)
Re: off the tv armando, 020602 18:56
Sometimes the TV speaks to you.
Re: off the tv milov, 020618 23:30
Re: off the tv 23JUL, 020619 13:40
Hmm, I am really to slow for a crossfade-project,
maybe the-title-is-now-being-mentioned-project?
Re: off the tv milov, 020623 22:31
Ooh, i love the-title-is-now-being-mentioned-moments! But trying to catch one that also happens to be subtitled isn't easy either.
Here's another crossfade: Conan chatting with David Bowie.
Re: off the tv milov, 020722 01:15
kiefer sutherland / dennis hopper
Re: off the tv milov, 030103 19:33
lucky crossfade of voice actor and matching cartoon character.
Re: off the tv hTLM, 030104 00:48
Pls, join "it's really happening right now!"
Re: off the tv milov, 030214 13:05
Val Kilmer / Graham Greene -
Re: off the tv huphtur, 030218 20:26
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