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March 2000

Adjusted script to compensate for the server's differing timezone. Let's see if it works...

This homepage (on the Webkracht-server) is PHP-enabled, which means I can take advantage of all the tasty server-side scripting possibilities that PHP offers. Such as instant online editing and publishing.

To do: create menu-system to access all the future homepage-sections (currently still available via

huphtur wrote on 2001/11/09:
heh.. 1st comment on 1st post

huphtur wrote on 2001/12/21:
i wonder if anybody will ever see this comment

huphtur wrote on 2002/01/16:
maybe they'll catch it with milov new archive method...

milov wrote on 2002/01/20:
and, I get all comments via email, so at the very least I get to see 'm

milov wrote on 2002/01/25:
testing to see if my new comments-script works here

milov wrote on 2002/01/26:
teehee, another test.

huphtur wrote on 2002/02/01:
DOH! you found my secret hidden place on the internet...