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April 2002

Let's try something...

According to my webserver stats, this site currently averages about 800 visits per day. Now, that's probably an overestimation due to searchengine bots and people clicking thru all 100+ of the pages, but still, that's a lot of people.

And I hardly know any of them, except for the few regular comment- and forumposters. So, if you're reading this (anyone): please add a comment to this entry with your name/location as part of a more 'human' indication of visitor-stats for this site:

Ignore the lower comments, it's nothing but comment spam :)

Ed wrote on 1984/01/07:
I am working as a volanteer
most every week
it is a wonderful zoo

MrMessiah wrote on 2002/04/10:
MrMessiah aka Chris Howe.
Found this site after seeing an interview with Milo in PC Format for, stayed for the amusing links :)

peter wrote on 2002/04/10:
name: Peter
location: Putten

I visit your site almost every day :)

Chris wrote on 2002/04/10:
location: Southport, England

Visit every day, love all the cool links and comments.

Wicked site !

paulmatthijs wrote on 2002/04/10:
trying to visit daily... i'm from utrecht, nl.

must say that it's quite fun to combine/replace ip's with the names of your visitors in your stats...

Geertjan wrote on 2002/04/10:
A regular and satisfied customer from the Netherlands.

Graham wrote on 2002/04/10:
Greetings from Kansas, USA. Nice idea.

Nancy wrote on 2002/04/10:
From Brazil, almost everyday!

Adjam wrote on 2002/04/10:
I visit like every day, like Mr.Mesiah, i visited the sir\te after PC Format review and found this site (glad i did).. this site the best! <exept bettter ...=D

huphtur wrote on 2002/04/10:
oof.. sorry, I prolly count for at least 25 hits/day. I access from home (Orange/CA) and from work (Lake Forest/CA) multiple times a day.

donkeymon wrote on 2002/04/10:
Location: Baltimore MD USA

I don't know where I ever first saw this site, but I have been reading for a long time. It is good.

gallico wrote on 2002/04/10:
location: stockholm, sweden.

found your forum in a search for something code related, don't remember what. somewhat regular visitor ever since.

pup wrote on 2002/04/10:
location: omaha, nebraska, usa


red wrote on 2002/04/10:
oof.. sorry, I prolly count for at least 26 hits/day. I access from home (Brooklyn/NY) and from work (NYC,NY) multiple times a day.

blackinwhite wrote on 2002/04/10:
location: Turkey
cool personal blog.
I visit it everyday.

Koffie V. wrote on 2002/04/10:
from Java

Low wrote on 2002/04/10:
Well, you know my story... :-)

marc wrote on 2002/04/10:
location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
visits: almost daily

23JUL wrote on 2002/04/10:
where: Alkmaar
visit: multiple times a week/day/hour
cause: elaboration of elegant and minimalistic approaches, I guess
since: eh?

Xiffy wrote on 2002/04/10:
like the links, love i am bold
visit as often as i can

pinder wrote on 2002/04/10:
location: vancouver, bc, canada

i am human, but why!? why was i programmed to feel pain?

Pim wrote on 2002/04/10:
Hier een voor jouw bekende frequente bezoeker.

x wrote on 2002/04/10:
austin, tx. routinely checking in for the d/html experiments and comments.

Chris wrote on 2002/04/10:
Vancouver, Canada.
Here for the DHTML/DOM/Javascript stuff.

kapp wrote on 2002/04/10:
Name: Carlo.
From Modena (Italy), conosciuta per la Ferrari.
I visit your site almost every day.
I love

Forza Milov!

mark wrote on 2002/04/10:
Hey my name is Mark. You posted at my site once. I live in Austin, Texas and I've checked your site for about a year now. I really enjoy your work.

borax wrote on 2002/04/10:
the hague, netherlands. still wonders why the referrers list doesn't work on opera

Joost wrote on 2002/04/10:
Rotterdam.. coole site van stadgenoot!

jpk wrote on 2002/04/10:
ook rotterdam. dagelijk bezoek waard

iotic wrote on 2002/04/11:
visit every day, more or less.

an inspiration, in a time of very little.

so far i have learned a lot of php, css, js, + design, photography and lots of other stuff here. i hope i can repay something sometime, somehow! :-)

Dean wrote on 2002/04/11:
Adelaide, Australia. Visiting just about daily.

Wazige wrote on 2002/04/11:
Helmond, NL. Neat design, the good example.

Marza wrote on 2002/04/11:
Amsterdam regelmatig bezoeker

Sasha wrote on 2002/04/11:
Toronto, Canada. Visiting often.

palla wrote on 2002/04/11:
maido ookini!(meanig 'Hello!')

JRDN wrote on 2002/04/11:
mpls,mn,usa,act like you know,not now but right now

Fidel wrote on 2002/04/11:
Boise, Idaho usa
I'm here alot. once a day at least. I like all of it. this is one of my favorite layouts by the way.

lok wrote on 2002/04/11:
location: right now, taipei, taiwan.
normally: amsterdam, the netherlands.

deef wrote on 2002/04/11:
location: utrecht. Just to get some old demo scene drift and nice links

Kees wrote on 2002/04/11:
Shit, doetie net als ik een keer langs kom

karma wrote on 2002/04/11:
location: Belgique (Leuven & Izegem)

Sebastian Pfeiffer wrote on 2002/04/11:
location: Stuttgart(Germany)

i visit your page nearly every day.

btw: nice site!

Izzydorio wrote on 2002/04/11:

Joeri wrote on 2002/04/11:
location: Mechelen en Leuven - Belgi

elout wrote on 2002/04/11:
thanx for linking me up..
(all the time)
visits: a few times a week.
mostly while checking my refferer stats.

Nate wrote on 2002/04/11:
location: georgia usa

allan wrote on 2002/04/11:

Remco wrote on 2002/04/11:
Ook ik ben van de partij, bijna dagelijks.
Locatie: Nederland, Almelo :-)

will wrote on 2002/04/11:
you damn playa

will wrote on 2002/04/11:
location: colorado springs, colorado

SL wrote on 2002/04/11:
Montral, Qubec, Canada.


Jan wrote on 2002/04/11:
Dordrecht, paar keer per week

koert wrote on 2002/04/11:
Netherlands, Utrecht, now and then.

Arjan wrote on 2002/04/11:
Hilversum, Nederland. Kijk bijna dagelijks efkes...

Karel wrote on 2002/04/11:

Martijn wrote on 2002/04/11:
Sja, kijk ook elke dag wel ff... Zo niet thuis, dan wel over je schouder mee.. ;)

Jonah wrote on 2002/04/11:
Hello there from Los Angeles

Danilo wrote on 2002/04/12:
Berlin, Germany

every day :)

Eric Newport wrote on 2002/04/12:
Been a fan of and your personal site for about 4 years.

ericost wrote on 2002/04/12:
I come a couple a times a week, at least.

suejon wrote on 2002/04/12:
wow youve got quite the worldly mix of vistors. looks like you can add las vegas (a few times a week) to that. long list

Aleksandar wrote on 2002/04/12:
Regards from Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.

matthias wrote on 2002/04/12:
izegem/belgie via Karma Universe

Simon wrote on 2002/04/12:
Found you a couple of days ago. Fascinated with the line draw app you made. Been messing around with it a bit.

Dougal Campbel wrote on 2002/04/12:
Enterprise, Alabama, USA
I drop in here from time to time. And I always find something interesting...

Lon wrote on 2002/04/13:
from Holland, disappointing isn't it?

giles wrote on 2002/04/13:
loc: kyoto,japan

jonny wrote on 2002/04/13:
london - found i am bald by accident - now visit everyday. very good site, a constant source of interest on the web.

sander wrote on 2002/04/13:
De Haag, minstens eenmaal weeks. Sinds Alt, zij ruste in vrede.

deyene wrote on 2002/04/13:
weekly, visit each time I wonder what Milo is up to now or when i'm thinking 'what should i visit before i finally shut down'

wrote on 2002/04/14:
Manhattan, Kansas, USA. Thanks for the page, keep it going yo.

kevin wrote on 2002/04/14:
Kevin from Tokyo, Japan. Just stumbled on your site via a link from Like the look. (havnt had time to read anyhting yet, but I'll be back)

dylan wrote on 2002/04/15:
from Michigan, USA! love the site

seth wrote on 2002/04/15:
fort collins, co
regularly - found you at

Bob wrote on 2002/04/15:
Ik ben Bob, ik ben 26 jaar, en ik doe Donald Duck na.

/me goes *pggg-pgggpggg-pggg*

red wrote on 2002/04/15:
sebastian from

Sergi wrote on 2002/04/16:
this site rocks. i visit frequently, though not every day. Your stuff is great, so it is your /?coding pages.

Keep impressing us with more experiments.

BTW; I'm not sure, it was long ago, maybe last october/november, but I think I discovered it from paul (he doesnt smoke) or might it be dhtmlcentral?


ceer wrote on 2002/04/16:
Paris, France.

Great code. I like nice and efficient aspect of coding. I come via via design portal.

Peterrrr {*} wrote on 2002/04/16:
Vinkeveen, The Netherlands.
Checking the forum and the postings for wise coding and new ideas. Like the style and the "language" of the visitors..

roel wrote on 2002/04/18:
Must have missed this one before..
- Normally: Wageningen / Delft, The Netherlands.
- For the coming 6 months: Victoria, BC, Canada.
Have been a regular since a link from (I think it was) alt: [3077] 23-08-2000. Time flies...

korhan wrote on 2002/04/18:
quite reqularly from
bern, switzerland.

Jeroen wrote on 2002/04/24:
Stop over once or twice a week (when I can lay my hands on an internet connection).
Love your fresh attitude in scripting and the remarkable usefull applets and code-tricks.

kevin aka robot9 wrote on 2002/04/28:
I was introduced to this site a few months back through a link to from paul swodens site,, I check here a few times a week.

Martijn wrote on 2002/04/30:
I probably visit this site once a month.

Ptoddadctyle wrote on 2002/05/01:
Found this site a year ago, looking for code examples. Been coming ever since. Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Ptoddadctyle wrote on 2002/05/01:
Found this site a year ago, looking for code examples. Been coming ever since. Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

brent wrote on 2002/05/01:
Austin, Texas. Don't remember how I found your site, but I was impressed from the beginning.

Reid wrote on 2002/05/03:
London, UK. I usually check back a couple of times a week. You used to link to my site, but alas, no longer. Did I do something wrong? ;-)

Keep up the good work.

inne ten have wrote on 2002/05/03:
live in rotterdam, first time visit (found your weblog at
you seem to have a nice site, so i'll visit it more regularely (correct spelling?).
good luck!

Brian Swiger wrote on 2002/05/07:
Omaha, Nebraska! Good old US of A!

nathalie wrote on 2002/05/09:
Land of Waffles and Beer. Aka Belgium. :-) Found it via i think.

cowpen wrote on 2002/05/10:
i do not know how i got here. i am lost so if i come back it will be pretty much by accident again.

cam wrote on 2002/05/12:

CIAwallst wrote on 2002/05/13:
Great site, I seem to find myself here quite regularly. Hello from Hershey Pa.

ivan wrote on 2002/05/13:
At least once a week, but often every day. Checking from Amsterdam.

Erik Benson wrote on 2002/05/13:
Present (~once a week).

WebPheser wrote on 2002/05/14:
Amersfoort, the netherlands in the house

JasonRance(bigdeez) wrote on 2002/05/14:
I want to have Milo's baby. Omaha, NE. Matter of fact, I know a few of these guys.

Marc wrote on 2002/05/15:
Hi I live in Groningen the Netherlands

spoutnik wrote on 2002/05/16:
Belgique, Bruxelles, Molenbeek.
Trs bon site que je visite rgulirement.
Bonnes infos.

Jake wrote on 2002/05/16:
Colorado, USA
I need to come by more often.

TheoA wrote on 2002/05/17:
v nice

syda wrote on 2002/05/18:
Belgikske, Mortsel (Antwerpen)
Deze log is gewoon te gek! Nothing more, nothing less!

AJ wrote on 2002/05/20:

Joshua wrote on 2002/05/20:
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Tim! wrote on 2002/05/23:
I googled myself and saw that you linked to me. Just looking around... Pretty skies here!

c-dog wrote on 2002/05/25:
I've visited a few times -- bookmarked ya after stumbling across the site in wanderlust -- this time though it was tracking back through the referrer log. thanks for the linkback!

Nancy wrote on 2002/05/25:
Your text is way too small!

proto wrote on 2002/05/30:
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Mario wrote on 2002/06/03:
From Brazil. First I met
Your ideas inspire me. Thanx for such a site.

john wrote on 2002/06/05:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA wrote on 2002/06/07:
Bergen op Zoom, NL.
A script a day keeps the doctor away :)

richard wrote on 2002/06/11:
don't know how i ended up here initially, but you've been a favorite of mine for awhile. keep it up man.

Carolina wrote on 2002/06/14:
I've just discovered your site. Already a regular!

sil wrote on 2002/06/17:
Some interesting (although rather IE-only :-)) experiments...


petern wrote on 2002/06/17:
Visits your site often.


HZR wrote on 2002/06/18:
Visit sometimes


inussis wrote on 2002/06/19:

Armin G. wrote on 2002/06/23:
Swindon/England/UK/Europe/Northern Hemispere/Earth/Solar System/...

Jan wrote on 2002/07/02:

Tuuur wrote on 2002/07/05:
Arthur from Enschede, Netherlands

I visit this site now and then...

Morgan wrote on 2002/07/09:
Morgan hier... de rest weet je wel

Morgaine wrote on 2002/07/14:
I'm from Antwerp, Belgium... was just surfing around, looking for some inspiration. I have this lousy first site of mine... wanna create another...

Ini wrote on 2002/07/21:

ginny wrote on 2002/07/22:
from Austin, Texas

irdial wrote on 2002/07/22:
saw the color cube at iotic, and followed more.

upside-down landscape....very apt.

Samuli wrote on 2002/07/23:
Samuli from Lahti, Finland
(the url is to my company's site, currently only in Finnish)

kevin wrote on 2002/08/03:
I live in Roseville, California, the good ole USA. And I love this site

Woodge wrote on 2002/08/06:
Hejsan Milo. I'm in the Boston MA area in the States. I've noticed some people finding my site through yours. Thanks.

cootje wrote on 2002/08/07:
Eelco, from Haarlem, the Netherlands

seppe wrote on 2002/08/09:
Here I am, Seppe Van Sande from Hove (Belgium). I like your site a lot. Beautiful photos, news about web development and design, .. what do you need more?

YaWie wrote on 2002/08/10:
Amsterdam, trouwe onregelmatige bezoeker

Lcs wrote on 2002/08/13:
Lucas, in het echt.

yimji wrote on 2002/08/14:
I found this site on a google search for 'milo' as my grandson's name is milo :)

33king wrote on 2002/08/14:
EFnet... coding help... came in through the forum. K-Then? Peace

pat wrote on 2002/08/15:

virginia, us of a :)

nice site

Derek wrote on 2002/08/22:
found you on
tokyo, Japan

carin wrote on 2002/08/29:
Found you via fiopsvarg
Leiderdorp, Netherlands

Ruben wrote on 2002/08/31:
Ruben, Gouda. More info? See my weblog. Go through the logs. Read the FAQ. Leave your comment. Thanks for the attention.

Irena wrote on 2002/09/10:
Hi, from Calfornia.
Cool site.. love the graphics and interactive jokes.

marjolein wrote on 2002/09/19:
from rotterdam

Zidouta wrote on 2002/10/05:
Als een hond zo trouw.

Jan wrote on 2002/10/06:
Yep, goeie site, goeie onderwerpen.
Keep up the good work.......

Krabco wrote on 2002/10/09:
Yup, ziet er weer strak uit! Het blijft een gave site om regelmatig terug te komen

Eduardo wrote on 2002/11/07:
Eduardo Marquetti
Itajai - SC

wchulseiee wrote on 2002/11/15:
wchulseiee, antwerp-belgium
got curious after reading an article about on and have been returning on somewhat irregular bases ever since. Like the site, content and design. Saw the cool html stuff and i wanted to do the same. Must admit i am far from what you're doing but tnx anyway for the tips and inspiration ;-)

Laz wrote on 2002/11/18:
location: Hungary

Ben Sommer wrote on 2002/11/21:
Quincy, MA, USA

Yup Yup Yup.
'Yep, goeie site, goeie onderwerpen'


Preview the CD release coming March...


Bas wrote on 2002/11/26:

mathias wrote on 2002/12/16:
Ghile. Lakes Region. Osorno. 40 degrees southern latitude. anybody knows a more beatiful place on this planet? tell me. * except this site, of course ;-) *

Lars von dem Ast wrote on 2003/01/14:
Very nice site. I'll keep coming back. I'm in Duluth, MN, but my wife's Mennonite, originally Friesian. Na jo, dann lote wir daut so.

Danny wrote on 2003/01/23:
Sneek, visited via a link on Planning to come back often.

seg wrote on 2003/02/21:
from israel.
my second visit here. ill probably be coming back for more.

tom wrote on 2003/02/21:
I visit about every week. And have done for a while, but I never post because im shy ;)

media451 wrote on 2003/02/21:
web development and interactive design

adele wrote on 2003/03/10:
from cambridge, england.

i really like your site, have been trying to figure a few xhtml/css things that are still puzzling me, like how to position pictures using div, as computers are not my occupation.

linked from eric's 'glish' site

BeB wrote on 2003/03/12:
From Melbourne, Oz

Expect more visitors from here as a result of a mention in yesterday's "Age" newspaper. V cool!

colin wrote on 2003/07/02:
I'm from Hertfordshire, UK... and come here at least once a week ever since i found in PC Format (hehe). Stunning stuff, keep it up!

jimmy wrote on 2003/07/05:
from Brussels, Belgium.

I'm the Coditel-boy in your stats and I'm visiting your site daily, for quite a while already.

Brian Swiger wrote on 2003/07/08:
This site must get tons of hits. I google-whacked my name and it came up with the URL I typed in a previous entry. Awesome!

thriva wrote on 2003/07/09:
My second visit. I like the new header.

matej wrote on 2003/07/25:
My first visit though it seems familiar (maybe i've been here before but shamelessly forgotten), found you when googling for some js...
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

rencontres-rencontre wrote on 2003/08/07:
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sms wrote on 2003/09/08:
keep it up, see you soon

Alfredo wrote on 2003/09/09:
I am going to have a look. Hope to visit you again from Rome.

ringtone-ringtones wrote on 2003/09/13:
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Phentermine wrote on 2003/09/13:
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cootje wrote on 2003/10/05:
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A lot of people reporting here so I thought I might do it as well. :)

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