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July 2002


huphtur wrote on 2002/07/31:
the gif wont load.

Eric wrote on 2002/07/31:
does nothing in mozilla..?

milov wrote on 2002/07/31:
It's IE-only for the moment (I'm getting into minimal-coding mode for the coming round two of the 256 byte compo, hence the not-so-compatibility).

And the gif-preloading should work better now.

huphtur wrote on 2002/08/01:
nope, still wont load.

milov wrote on 2002/08/01:
do you have your cache settings set to 'every visit' maybe?

poi wrote on 2002/08/01:
milov: it works with another cache setting. ^__^ setting the cache to "every visit" is a must when you are in web development

milov wrote on 2002/08/01:
I like it set to 'Automatically'. You can always CTRL-reload to force new images 'n stuff.

huphtur wrote on 2002/08/01:
im on a T1, so ofcourse i have it set to every visit.