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November 2000

Stewart gave a speech about the 5K contest at Doors of Perception and my entry 'Hungry Little Frog' apparently got a little mention.

One neat thing about Mozilla's rendering engine is that it actually shows the content of <table>-tags as they are loading. This is especially noticable on the frequently giant Slashdot pages, which are not readable in both IE5.5 and NS4.7 until after the entire 160KB+ page has been downloaded. As designers keep using <table> for layout, this feature will prove most invaluable.

What Mozilla really does need though is a single-click action to open links in new windows. This is the main reason why I always go back to IE after a while; I miss my shift-click!

This county-by-county election map shows there's actually a county where Gore and Bush got the exact same amount of votes.

Amazon gets inspired and previews a new user interface to possibly replace their current tabbed menu. Whoops, I wanted Books, not Lawn & Patio! [via Sylloge]