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August 2002


lokhin wrote on 2002/08/16:
how cute!!!

Jan! wrote on 2002/08/16:
And so my dad decided to dig a small "pond-thingie" for my ducks (with 7 small duck chicks) to swim in, but didn't think hard enough to realise they couldn't get out. Balance: 1 down, 2 struggling for their lives, 1 very disgruntled mother duck. You *don't* want to have to face a disgruntled duck, believe me.

Relevance: 0! :-)

(hmm, 0! == 1)

huphtur wrote on 2002/08/17:
oof.. this is not cute at all.. all that green shit is NOT good for water and animals in water. no oxygen etc.

iotic wrote on 2002/08/17:
maybe so.

nevertheless, very beautiful images.