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August 2002 - this is pretty cool; fly over detailed satellite photos of the entire currently trying to locate our house. [via]

Update: found it!

wrote on 2002/08/21:
heres my crib:

huphtur wrote on 2002/08/21:
wow.. cookie was gone. so yeah.. somewhere in there is my appartment.

Deef wrote on 2002/08/21:
hm...cannot seem to find netherlands...closest is the london thingie...and then?

milov wrote on 2002/08/21: says:
"Bekijk in vogelvlucht:

Try this direct link to Nederland:

Deef wrote on 2002/08/21:
Ja deed ik dus ook via de site..maar flashget deed lukt het wel...thanks anyhow

ygyguu wrote on 2003/09/25:
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nick salinas wrote on 2003/09/25:
this shit fucking sucks dick