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November 2000

Some sites can make you waste a lot of time hovering over links, trying to read all the possibly interesting title-tooltips. But now there's a solution in the form of a new bookmarklet: Titles (drag to your links bar).

Try clicking it when reading title-abusing sites such as Zeldman and Interconnected, and the titles for each link will magically appear inline in parentheses.

Update 1: if you try it on this page, you'll see quite a mess because each of my referrer-links also has a title... Oh well, at least it works... [reported by Mihir]

Update 2: I fixed the problem by removing the titles from the referrer-links. Wasn't really a need for them anyway.

Lots of funny and weird Onion-esque articles at, including a list of the Top Ten Arm Wrestling Movies. [via my erroneous referrer list]

Something new at IE5.5 recommended.

'I have nothing to tell or sell you for the moment'

Updated the Design-page, now with thumbnails!

Invasion of the Web Snatcher [via CiPHER]

THREE.OH - The fast-loading K10K.