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September 2002

The 256b.htm compo list of entries has been released but you can't view 'em yet, and since I can't wait to show them here are links to local copies of my entries:

- Entropy [source] (249 bytes, IE-only)
Non-interactive animation using css dashed borders.

- Snowflake Generator [source] (245 bytes, IE/Mozilla)
Infinite variety of random snowflakes. Refresh for more.

- Multiplayer Keyboard Racer [source] (256 bytes, IE-only)
Find some friends, have each one select a key and start bashing on the keyboard. The player whose bar first reaches the other side of the window wins.

poi wrote on 2002/09/01:
^__^ idem
I'm impatient to see all the entrie.

poi wrote on 2002/09/02:
I *really* like the Multiplayer Keyboard Racer. Here's a hack I did with some color.

<body onload=K=[] onkeyup="k=String.fromCharCode(c=event.keyCode);if(!K[k])K[k]=0,this.innerHTML+='<p id=b'+c+' style=background:'+c*9+';margin:2;color:fff>'+k;eval('b'+c).style.width=++K[k]+'%';if(K[k]>99)location.reload(alert(k+' wins'))">Push key 2 race

iotic wrote on 2002/09/02:
beautiful! really nice stuff milo :)

i'm starting to see the lines bend in entropy ... and keyboard racer is genius. well done!

milov wrote on 2002/09/02:
Nice one, poi. Seeing your code made me realize that I could have made the Racer even smaller (e=event wasn't necessary) and wouldn't have had to use "2" instead of the word "to". Oh well, that's what you get for coding something 1 hour before the deadline.

poi wrote on 2002/09/02:
milo: AFAIR the smallest size I got with this hack was ~230bytes, but who cares since it fits in the size limit. Personnally I like your _this_.innerHTML thingy

BTW, the "k" the code above should be replaced by a "c"

milov wrote on 2002/09/02:
Cool stuff. I notice you also made a game! (wonder if there are any more 256byte games this round)

wrote on 2002/09/02:
I Love "Entropy"

palla wrote on 2002/09/02:
'Snowflake Generator' is my favorite.
These works can say coding Haiku? :)

poi wrote on 2002/09/02:
'Snowflake Generator' looks like 'InkBlot' by MrHeat ( ranked #16 @ 256b.htm #1 )

milov wrote on 2002/09/02:
which was based on my
which was based on my

previous snowflake generator (java):
(submitted to web4096)

poi wrote on 2002/09/02:
That's what I call a combo x3. Sorry, I didn't meant to tease you but to point the similarity of visuals.

Whatever, among your 3 entries, my favorite is the 'Multiplayer Keyboard Race' 'coz it's quite fun to play with 3+ mates.

milov wrote on 2002/09/03:
I think my own favourite is the Snowflake Generator. I even like it better than my earlier Java-version. The random symmetry is beautiful.

P01 wrote on 2003/09/20:

I tried to copy the texts above as unicode and translate them with Babelfish, but all I got is a soup of words followed by question marks

P01 wrote on 2003/09/29:
I think, we've got a moron at >__<

Tuuur wrote on 2003/12/04:
Buup 114 is weer bezig...

Jan! wrote on 2004/03/30:
You might want to close the comments for this entry, milov... :-)

milov wrote on 2004/03/30:
I actually haven't built that option for myself yet :)
But just now I deleted all the buup114 comments in one swoop.

�경� wrote on 2004/11/04:
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pass;word --- 82821

Milo wrote on 2004/11/04:
Heh, cool, the switchover to UTF-8 means that this spammer's korean characters are correctly displayed.

Mathieu+'P01'+HENRI wrote on 2004/11/04:
how great ^__^

Jan! wrote on 2005/03/10:
So having a domain ending in "" is a secret sign of Asian spammers?

Milo wrote on 2005/03/10:
I can't bring myself to auto-filter this guy... Every week he spams the same message, and I remove it. It's become a tradition :)

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2005/03/10:
you're getting old Milo ;)

Btw, do you managed to translate his messages ?

Milo wrote on 2005/03/10:
Good idea... Here's a partial translation via Babelfish:

"it will dance other than. the rain - the law.500. branch - public affairs - the dog - the total. ni. all.! ! (Light)."you - nothing. you - nothing" many minute/. . Necessity. it did. minute/the shoes. - inside - Joh. - minute! ! The rain. wrapped. possibility - possibility. lyo. the field. about.. - the car. tu. the percussion cap - under - poem. - minute - the field.. to. (the candle - the river. power - the weight. thousand.! ! !"

This might be more interesting than I thought!

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2005/03/10:
o_Ô there must be a hidden message, I don't get, in the comments of the lovely korean spammer.

특급정보 wrote on 2005/09/22:
안녕하십니까? 영어에 관심 있으신분께....
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죄송합니다. 건강하십시요.
비번 : 1232

Milo wrote on 2005/09/22:
Heheh, who'd have thought that two years after this guy started spamming this entry, I'd have learned enough Hangul to decipher(or at least pronouce) part of this message.

방문객 wrote on 2007/01/26:
게시글 잘보고가요.
오늘하루도 보람차게 보내시길....

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