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September 2002

new: rss feed, for people who like that sort of thing...

mados wrote on 2002/09/27:
What kind of software do I need to use this rss feature? And just curious: Why are your nice getComments() functions disabled?

milov wrote on 2002/09/27: for example.
and i disabled the xml-loading of comments because it was kinda buggy and i was getting annoyed with it and with the regular way i can see in my stats which comments pages are viewed.

milov wrote on 2002/09/27:
But it'll probably return in the new design...

wrote on 2002/09/27:

btw, I use Aggie:

Armin wrote on 2002/09/27:
Cool. Will be added to my list in a minute. I use AmphetaDesk:

Fidel wrote on 2002/10/03:
Hey thanks milo. werd now I can get all the most interesting latest on one page. Also I use Amphetadesk as well.