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October 2002

everymorning walk...

Eduardo wrote on 2002/10/24:

Ruben wrote on 2002/10/25:
Yes Eduardo, if you wondered what NL looks like... this is it.

Eduardo wrote on 2002/10/25:
Like I daid.. Classic! The canal, style of houses, threes... Its a dutch place.

wrote on 2002/10/26:

bosbes wrote on 2003/02/27:
Hey, Dit ken ik!!! Tis de Bovendijk in Wateringen!!! Hier woon ik vlakbij!! Meter of 25 hiervandaan.

Hey, it's the Bovendijk in Wateringen!!! I live VERY close to this road!! about 25 meter!!

milov wrote on 2003/02/27:
cool :)
have you tried the new bridge yet?