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November 2002

1. place camera on ground
2. click

joey wrote on 2002/11/12:

Eduardo wrote on 2002/11/12:
Great! I can feel the asfalt.

milov wrote on 2002/11/12:
Try it too... placing the camera on the road also sometimes creates a peculiar landscape where tiny pebbles become giant boulders.

Eduardo wrote on 2002/11/13:
Okay..Ill do it and tell you.

Daniel Yada wrote on 2005/03/22:
the spot from where the picture is takes from is actually a 5 store cargarage, me and my friends like to chill there, if nodoby in the surrounding neighborhood has a probnlem with it we'd like to make a mansion out of it :)

Milo wrote on 2005/03/22:
Actually the spot was right in front of said garage... I personally haven't had the desire to break into it yet :)

It's been abandoned for ages though; I thought they were going to blow it up along with the other building that had to go to make room for this parking lot.