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November 2002

ugly :(

pretty :)

void wrote on 2002/11/14:
You are so right! It's like comparing XHTML to HTML. Maybe it's time for XJavascript?

Eric wrote on 2002/11/14:
Less code = pretty

Mario wrote on 2002/11/15:
If it works, that's ok.
The goals sometimes justify the ways.

Jan! wrote on 2002/11/17:
>Less code = pretty
Less code == more prone to errors

<form name="search">
<h2><img name="search" src="search.gif" alt="Search!"></h2>
<p id="search">This is a search form</p>

'', say you?

Liorean wrote on 2002/11/20:
The document.<formName>.<elementName> syntax instead of document.forms[<formName>].element[<elementName>] was one of the worst mistakes made at Netscape in creting the language - and Microsoft didn't make it especially much better.

How should you handle a form named "forms" with a child element named "forms", for instance? document.forms["forms"].elements["forms"] is the full format - but does document.forms["forms"] not reference by short form the element at the same time it by full form referece the form? Or how about an element with the id "all" in IE?