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November 2002

By the way, do you ever use the recent older entries list (scroll down)?

poi wrote on 2002/11/20:
yep. That's a quick alternative to the Archive when you wish to check some recent news.

Jan! wrote on 2002/11/20:
Ditto... In fact, I used it an hour ago to find the kohina link again.

Jan! wrote on 2002/11/20:
I hate having to say ditto in English when it's dito in Latin (and in Dutch). But then again, why do I bother?

Mario wrote on 2002/11/21:
o'course! It's the best way to keep in touch with the not-so-new-nor-so-old-news.

Eduardo wrote on 2002/11/21:
No. It will be the first time. ;-)
Ja. I use it sometimes when I do the "sweepings" of the week.