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January 2003

Redesign in progress... See 1927 for the source of the new background image.

After one day, I'm a little doubtful but not annoyed with this background image, so it might even last... Now to mess up the menucolumn and entrylist layout some.

Jan! wrote on 2003/01/05:
Creativity always strikes at night. :-)

Calm_Pear wrote on 2003/01/05:
hmmm... depressive colors milo. But thats is fine with me! (although my site doesn't reflect this)

Martijn wrote on 2003/01/05:

Rowan wrote on 2003/01/05:
Ik vindt het heel mooi!

Mario wrote on 2003/01/05:
I don't like darkness. Light up!!

huphtur wrote on 2003/01/05:
good stuff milov.

palla wrote on 2003/01/05:

Jeroen wrote on 2003/01/06:
Mmmm....mijn monitor staat op 1280x1024 en ik zie dat de rechterkant van de afbeelding boven ineens stopt...misschien is een gradient achtig iets naar zwart mooi?

milov wrote on 2003/01/06:
true, I have yet to airbrush away the right- and bottom edges....

poi wrote on 2003/01/07:
the new atmosphere of your site is warm and pleasant. Only 2 minor points :

- please make tile the picture and smoothly fades it to black at the bottom

- all the buttons ( search inputs, go, RSS ... ) looks a little weird with a dark background

nice re-design

poi wrote on 2003/01/07:
It'd be also cool to put a tab on the left with a link to the latest comments