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January 2003

I see this rather odd-looking duck almost every day... It is almost completely covered in green feathers. Today it happened to be resting on the shore so I took some photos up close.

Anybody know if this is a chance mutation, or simply a particular "species" of duck that is supposed to be green like this? Just wondering...

orfelio wrote on 2003/01/15:
I noticed it too on the first picture before I saw the second one. But I'm affraid I can't help you on this one.

Ruben wrote on 2003/01/15:
Maybe you can take a look here:

or here:

(all in Dutch) But that musn't be a problem :)

Tuuur wrote on 2003/01/15:
Maybe it's a Cayuga:

milov wrote on 2003/01/15:
Tuuur: I think that's the one!
"[Cayugas] are best known for their plumage, which is a brilliant greenish-black. They are quite amazing to see in the sunlight."
That's definitely true for this duck...

Nate wrote on 2003/01/15:
May we have a desktop sized version of this pretty duck?

Actiereactie wrote on 2003/01/18:
Maybe this one:

milov wrote on 2003/01/18:
OK now I'm confused... the Black East Indies looks almost exactly the same as well. But I still think it's the Cayuga because of its lighter beak colouring.

Tuuur wrote on 2003/01/20:
The article says: "Many females develop white in their plumage as they age". The duck in your pick has got white feathers too, so I'm fairly convinced it's a Black East Indies duck...

milov wrote on 2003/01/20:
Good point. I'll keep an eye on it, see if it develops any more white feathers :)

Jaemak wrote on 2003/06/26:
This is much more brilliant in color than the Cayuga and East Indies. The cayuga is much bigger than this one I have both Cayugas and Mallards (the other ducks in the picture) Cayugas are a little smaller than a Pekin but the East Indies are about that size. Cayugas are the only Duck that originates in North America (Lake Cayuga, NY) I only know East Indies to be Domestic Call ducks In America not in the wild here.

Crane wrote on 2003/08/03:
i think its a turkey.

jason h wrote on 2003/11/06:
yep, that is definitly a black east indies duck i have mallards, cayugas,east indies, muscovys, crested ducks, buff ducks, runner ducks, khaki campbell ducks, rouen ducks, and some others. East indies are the same size as mallards, which the bird in your pic also is. Plus, a cayuga duck cant fly like the east indie and a cayuga is about 3 times the size of a mallard. Oh another interesting thing to tell you, since you keep allards, is that i breed crested mallards. there neat and very pretty. They are a mix between a mallard and a crested blue runner duck. :) see ay:) hoped this helped

Brandon wrote on 2004/01/24:
this is actually a norm,al thing that happens in the Black Cayugas and black East Indie Ducks as they get older in production and Exhibition bred Quality they start to develope white feathering on their bodies frowned apon by judges at shows but hens with white on them actually make the best and vibrant colored drakes (male Ducks) I learned this from Dave and Millie Hollderead here in Oregon and it has helpt me alot with those to breeds seeing as how I raise them both
hope this helps you in some way
email me if you have any questions on Waterfowl or Poultry

Jillian wrote on 2004/03/07:
Does anyone know the Complete Latin name for the Cayuga Duck (including Genus, Family, species)?

Allley wrote on 2004/04/30:
That is just like one of my ducks,a cuyogo

mary wrote on 2005/03/31:
I definatley also think Its an east indies...probably a pet/show duck someone let doesn't have the body structure of a cayuga

jesse wrote on 2005/07/12:
I like ducks.I got 3 of them a week or so ago.They are starting to loose their
fur.I have one question tho.Do cayuga
ducks have a yellow dot on thier head?
If they do just let me know.Thanks!!!!

jesse wrote on 2005/07/12:
the computer messed up.sorry

Joy wrote on 2005/08/20:
Its a smaller version of the Cayuga. I have one and they are that color. It might be a mix of another smaller duck since cayugas are usually a bit bigger.

Terri wrote on 2005/09/08:
This could be an East Indies or a cayuga. Even though it is small, I have a couple of Cayugas that are not that big. You cannot always tell by size.

gregory 12 years wrote on 2005/09/24:
i have 2 black east indies and that one loks like a femalethats starting to turn white and is a little discolored

Bill wrote on 2005/10/05:
Note the sex feathers-it's a male East Indie

Jesse wrote on 2005/10/09:
Does anyone know where I can get some runner ducks.

Jesse wrote on 2005/10/11:
That is definitly a east indian duck.I have some cayuga ducks that some people say is mixed with the crested ducks.Thanks for the info Joy!!

Kristin wrote on 2005/11/28:

Oksana wrote on 2006/03/18:
Hmm, I have a Cayuga, and it is too small to be one of those. Cayuga's colouring is green-black but a lot darker. I'm agreeing that it is a Black East Indie duck. The size would be right for it, as well as the colouring.

boo wrote on 2006/03/19:
it is a Cayuga dummy

me wrote on 2006/04/09:
It's a Cayuga. They're so black that they look green in the sun.

ira wrote on 2006/04/15:
Hi, everybody.
I ran into this little discussion a while ago and was fascinated with the picture, so I kept coming back. Very unique-looking duck.
I was wondering though how long it would take before someone noticed that he has drake feathers.... In theory, only Cayuga females can get white feathers with age, but -- this beauty is definitely a mix, because both pure blood Cayugas and East Indies have black beaks and, I believe, feet, too. If my cayugas grow up to be half as green as this one, I'll be a very happy camper.
I wish they'd come up with a breed that looks like the little guy in the picture, I love it.

Queen_of_da_poultry wrote on 2006/04/18:
It's a cayuga no doubt. I house two of those pretty ittle ducks for breeding purposes.

billie goolsby wrote on 2006/05/21:
Could it be a cayuga/black east indie duck. Maybe but care about it. It might be a new breed.HHHHHHHHHmmmmmmmmmm

candi wrote on 2006/06/23:
i live in anchorage alaska. how would someone get a cayuga duck clear up hear. i have pics of an awesome looking one. thank you candi denton

candi wrote on 2006/06/23:
im resumitting my email ~~its

RJ wrote on 2006/11/08:
Milo, I found your pic while searching to find what kind of duck I'd photographed over the weekend. It had the same white markings on both sides from the eyes to the back of the neck and a little bit of white on the chest. Body was green with some black, blue and brown mixed in. I photographed it in Lake Arrowhead, California. There was another bird that was mainly white, black and brown with a touch of green and blue feathers that seemed to be with it. Think they might be a male and female of the same species. The ones I saw also had the light colored beaks that Ira pointed out were not dark like most of the pictures I've seen tonight of cayugas and black east indies.

PD wrote on 2006/11/25:
They are a called Cayugas they are well known for there plumage.

Marrrcelll wrote on 2007/01/13:
Conincidence: I ran into similar ducks in Stompwijk yesterday.
Still not sure about their names, though.

Elizabeth Moriarty wrote on 2007/04/04:
Hi, your duck is a Black East Indie. The lighter bill colouring tends to occur in birds with the best green colouration. The white markings are probably due to scarring from other drakes holding him down in a fight, as they do like to catch hold of other ducks by the feathers on the back of the head and around the eyes. They can get a few white feathers in the 'bib' region, that's fairly normal for them too. Nice bird.

beth wrote on 2007/05/15:
I believe that its a mallard. my aunt was talking to about a duck that she had.She got it from a mallard breeder. It looked just like a mallard baby but grew up to be all green like this duck.

beth wrote on 2007/05/15:
the lady told her that its rare but it does happen, but not vary often.

Owain Llyr wrote on 2007/07/16:
The duck is a Black East Indian drake. His green sheen is of an excellent standard, however the white feathers around his head, which may be caused by age or fighting are incorrect. As is his pale (yellow?) bill - this incorrect bill colour is often associated with the beautiful green plumage colour. He is probably an ex-pet, and may have been dumped as he seems to have 'rough wing' - slight deformity of the wing. He is also a little too big to be standard.

Black East Indians; like all domestic ducks (excluding the Muscovy) are descended from Mallard ducks, familiar to most people as the common 'Wild duck'. Therefore their latin name including Family, Genus & Species would be Anatidae anas platyrhynchos.

Ang wrote on 2007/08/15:
Definitely an Black East Indie. I would guess an old female, as female BEI's age, they develop white feathers and drake-like plumage. The tail feathers do not have that drake curl to them, that is my main reason for thinking female.
If it is a drake, then it is most definitely a crossbreed, probably with wild mallards.

Again, too small to be a Cayuga, Cayuga's are heavy farm ducks, similar to a Pekin, that cannot fly.

rwhite wrote on 2007/09/17:
that's not a cayuga. too small. it must be a west indie male. i had a cayuga and it was as big as my pekin ducks. also, that duck isn't dark enough. the cayugas are much darker than this. he's just too small.

rwhite wrote on 2007/09/17:
the curly underfeathers on the tail prove that it's a male.

Karen wrote on 2007/09/20:
Looks like a Cayuga to me. We have bred lots over the years and now have just 2x left - both female. We know this as they have laid eggs but one has recently developed a green head and a curly tail feather just like the male. Our drake died about 3 months ago. Has anyone ever encountered this before? Duck menopause???

Bradley wrote on 2008/02/08:
its definately a female cayuga because when they get old they develop white feathers

natures paradise wrote on 2008/02/11:
it is infact Black East Indian 100%
as i have seen them before

dan wrote on 2008/04/24:
this duck is very rare but i have seen two but one has recently died

Duck Expert wrote on 2008/09/08:
To all of you dumb asses that said this duck is a cayuga need to get your eyes checked.This MOst definately an Black East Indie!!!!!!!!!!!!! with mallards. I should know i own about 40 differ breeds of ducks and about 32 black east indies and 21 cayuga so i think i know the difference even when looking at a picture! For those of you who said Black East Indie great job you know your stuff!!

Duck Expert wrote on 2008/09/08:
(Black East Indie)-I also forgot to mention that as ANY breed of duck ages it get white feathers mainly on the head not just cayugas! Also poor quality ducks may get white feathers also on its head so this ducks white feather may not be just from age. And about the bill that is the color you want a BLACK EAST INDIE to have Duh!!!

Duck Expert wrote on 2008/09/08:
By the way I am having a duck sale cheap prices for champions check out my site @

Duck Expert wrote on 2008/09/08:
I miss typed my web address this is the real one

matthew scicluna wrote on 2008/10/12:
i am matthew i am a breader of cayuga mandarins mallards mascoveys teals and bean goos i am from malta and i have a duck simillar of that it is crosed by a cayuga and mallard tanks pleas send me on my e mail for more info ~~~ ...

Jason wrote on 2008/11/06:
It is a black east indie. And just because it has drake feathers does not mean it's a drake. Female black east indies and cayuga ducks both get white with age. But, unlike other domestic ducks, they will also develop the curly tail feathers.

Jason wrote on 2008/11/06:
btw, if anyone wants babies of the east indies, let me know!

Peter wrote on 2008/11/10:
5 years of discussion and no definite answer .... amazing.
My hometown is Rotterdam, can you tell me where he was spotted (Stationssingel?) and if he's still there?

yet another east indie breeder wrote on 2009/02/26:
No, lots of definite answers by people very experienced in keeping and breeding BEIs who have correctly identified this duck as one. In addition, I notice the bird has a leg ring which would suggest it was deliberately bred by someone so more likely to be a pure breed, even if not to everyone's ideal of the standard.

cowgirl09 wrote on 2009/03/20:
how can you tall the difference in a BEI and a Cayuga. not trying to be a smart ass i really want to know because i have a duck that i thought was a Cayuga but it may be a BEI. what are some key features in telling them apart.

mark wrote on 2009/06/03:
This duck looks like a black east indian but is very green. he seems to have a ring on his right leg so is probably somebody's pet.

POO wrote on 2009/06/27:
that's not a cayuga duck.
it may be part cayuga but not completly pure.

i breed cayugas myself and they don't look like that.

POO wrote on 2009/06/27:
I now have reasons to belive that it is a black east indie drake.

JK wrote on 2009/07/19:
This is a Cayuga duck, originating from Lake Cayuga, NY. They're quite rare.

123 wrote on 2009/08/09:
I breed and own both black Indies and Cayugas and that is most defiantly a Black Indie female.
She is too green to be a Cayuga and her feathers are not glossy enough.
The females develop white feathers from an early age whereas the drakes don't.

wim wrote on 2009/09/27:
i love ducks, really.

Aj wrote on 2010/02/06:
This is a cross between a black east indie duck and a call duck. it is a male, it has curled tail feathers. If it was a pure bred it wouldn't have the white streaks on its face.

Aj wrote on 2010/02/06:
it is too small to be any kind of Cayuga. Cayugas are large and a type of meat duck.

Courtney wrote on 2010/04/22:
it's either a mutation or the cayuga is getting old and it's feathers will be turning white. this is definetely a cayuga duck just with some white on it's head.

jhett wrote on 2010/05/05:
this is most definatly a cayuga duck male because they randomly get white feathers as they grow. the reason i know this is because i own 4.

Roline wrote on 2010/06/25:
This has been very entertaining, with different people saying what it definitely IS or ISN'T,

What is IS 100% is a domesticated form of the Mallard - this could be a Black East Indie (most likely due to size) OR a Cayuga, which has either escaped from captivity OR it is a cross between domestic and wild mallards. It has drake tail feathers but the white feathers seen in older B.E.Is and Cayugas, interesting....

The fact it is rung suggests it was captive bred, so maybe that throws the cross-breed idea out of the window, but maybe it is just a pet quality/ non-sow quality B.E.I?

Roline wrote on 2010/06/25:
I wonder if it is still actually alive?

AJ wrote on 2010/07/22:
it is somebodys bird, it has a band on its leg. the curled tail feathers mean it is a male, and it is too small to be a cayuga, they are large meat birds, i have never seen an east indie get white streaks like that across the face either. it is probably a cross.

aro77777777 wrote on 2010/08/10:
it could bee a cros between a Black East Indie and a Cayuga... But i saw in the picture there was some mallards( or some kind of duck) that it could be mixed withe. But kepp in mind that there are sooooo many kins of ducks that it could be mixed with. or it could be a subspecies.hew knowsss???????????????????????

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michelle wrote on 2010/12/10:
hi this is a Cayuga duck and no it is not a mutation it is its breed ! google it and see x

duckieluvr wrote on 2011/01/04:
well I have a cayuga duck and he looks exactly like that :)

duckieluvr wrote on 2011/01/04:

duckieluvr wrote on 2011/01/04:
the ducks in the back are NOT mallards they are Rowans.

bronya wrote on 2011/07/31:
it a cayuga .. looks like it has a gen mut to get the white colour on its face, but there normaly solid green x