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February 2003

The prettiest of 50+ attempts at photographing a droplet hitting the water surface. I guess this particular shape ("corona"?) usually either doesn't last very long or doesn't form at all, because it only showed up in the one photo.

Some close-ups of other attempts:

"the blob"

"evil eye"

Martijn wrote on 2003/02/07:
Doesn't always show i guess... Maybe combination of substance, speed of the drop and height of surface-water?

23JUL wrote on 2003/02/07:
Try milk?

pinder wrote on 2003/02/07:
you should try this affect using a colourful bowl. check out this amazing photo:

Daniel Talsky wrote on 2003/02/07:
Wicked. I don't comment much but just wanted to mention I read every single day.

Mario wrote on 2003/02/08:
Man, you went further on this photo. Amazing! Can I show it on my site?

Witold wrote on 2003/02/08:
The blob is insane, excellent. It feels even more interesting than the classic corona pictures.
You will achieve different results by varying the amount of water on the surface and by adjusting the distance from which you drop the water. Also, you probably know Harold E. Edgerton, he might be a great help on your quest.
Still, love the blob.

seppe wrote on 2003/02/08:
Beautiful photo's .. again ;-)

Sarah Allen wrote on 2003/04/18:
I work for an environmental laboratory and I would like to use your water droplet picture for a water brochure. Is this okay. Please contact me at

Andrew Davidhazy wrote on 2003/07/26:
Edgerton unfortunately dies a few years ago. I teach high speed photography at my university and photographs of splashes are a classic assignment. You can see some of my efforts at:

single wrote on 2004/10/16:
i cant belive that this pictures is real! it's so beauteful

karthik wrote on 2005/03/26:
Good Picture Collection

dann wrote on 2005/10/07:
good set of water photography, i love them.

eltchido wrote on 2008/01/19: