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April 2003

wire play

Stu wrote on 2003/04/16:
I like this shot. Is it manipulated? There seem to be more wires than there needs to be.

milov wrote on 2003/04/16:
Not manipulated. This is just one of those shots where I happened to look in one particular direction from one particular spot, and noticed an interesting pattern.

Each pole only actually connects to two wires, btw.

milov wrote on 2003/04/16:
Y'know, I have sooo many photos of wires like these... I've been thinking of assembling them all into one big collage.

Stu wrote on 2003/04/17:
I'd like to see that!

mad mark wrote on 2003/04/18:
wires fasinate me! please take more astounding photographs of bits of wire!