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April 2003

I made a PHP-version of that random entry javascript, and added it to the end of the left-side Contents menu; so now you can click, click, click for continuous randomness (inspired by Knurpslog).

Kethinov wrote on 2003/04/19:
You did it. No photos on the front page! ;)

sep wrote on 2003/04/20:
and the random function is nice! ;)

Tuuur wrote on 2003/04/21:
Great idea to make it a PHP-script! A source of inspiration again. I just happen to learn PHP right now, so again I took the freedom to build one myself, just to see if I could do it.
Thanks again for the idea!

milov wrote on 2003/04/21:
I had originally intended to just add the js version to the menu, but that would have required defining a template marker for the total number of weblog entries.

So I figured, why not do the whole thing server-side. It's easier anyway, the MySQL query is simply:

sep wrote on 2003/04/21:
Thanks! I didn't knew there was a random function for MySQL. I think I'm going to make a random entry thing too (if you don't mind) ;-)