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May 2003

!top (drag to Links-bar)

A bookmarklet simulating how I would like the Home key to behave in browsers: press once to jump to top of page, then press again to jump back to where you were.

I've already found this to come in quite handy while reading various Metafilter threads, deciding halfway down the page I'd better check out the link people are talking about... :)

paulmatthijs wrote on 2003/05/25:
too bad it won't work in opera7...

Doug wrote on 2003/06/24:
That is so simple and useful. Thank you!

HerbieHerb wrote on 2003/12/04:
It works great in Mozilla Firebird 0.6 & XP !! Thanx ...

John wrote on 2003/12/27:
Thanks for the tool

ACiDbaby wrote on 2004/08/27:
This bookmarklet is great and works in IE6 (WinXP SP1). Too bad it doesn't jump to previous in Maxthon (formerly MyIE2); a tabbed browser based on IE.

therube wrote on 2007/08/29:
For whatever reason, I couldn't get it to work? It would go Home, but not back? Tried in SeaMonkey, Firefox, & IE7.

Anyhow, suggestion to add Bottom also.

So Top, Bottom, & [i]back[/i] in round-robin fashion.