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August 2003

I'm, like, really anxious for people to post more comments so I can see more of the new "x comments by name1, name2 and name3" commentlink-syntax in action... That "and" makes the link look so much more interesting, as if name1 and name2 are really having a discussion with name3 and each other.

Nate wrote on 2003/08/27:
I'll bite.

Nate wrote on 2003/08/27:
What's really great that your system can tell the difference between 2 posts by Nate, and 2 posts by different people.

nowak wrote on 2003/08/27:

Arnout wrote on 2003/08/27:
I think it should also do stuff like "Initially, Nate was just talking to himself. Then, nowak joined in. And then, Arnout couldn't resist..." :-)

Ruben wrote on 2003/08/27:
Let's try.

Nate wrote on 2003/08/27:
I like Arnout's idea.

Fidel wrote on 2003/08/28:
I'm not sure I get the gist of this quite. Does it show x # of comments by an individual or x # of comments by a group of people?

Fidel wrote on 2003/08/28:
Nevermind.. I see. Just now I was turned into the "and". That is cool.

huphtur wrote on 2003/08/28:
what about (1) ?

milov wrote on 2003/08/28:
You mean in the Latest comments listing? It's implied.

pup wrote on 2003/08/28:
i'm a sucker.

foo, but not bar and baz wrote on 2003/08/28:
I like it.

milov wrote on 2003/08/28:
Thanks Arnout, that was to be expected :)

Arnout (indeed) wrote on 2003/08/28:
No, no, it must have been one of my cow-orkers. We all show up as the same IP in your logs. Honest :-)

Calm_Pear, Calm_Banana wrote on 2003/08/29:

...? wrote on 2003/08/29:
Je kunt er nog meer grappige dingen mee doen?

P01 wrote on 2003/10/22:
In fact the comas & and can be added in CSS. If you follows the idea described in ALA - taming lists ( )

It should give something like:

.commentatorList ul
.commentatorList li
.commentatorList li:before
content: ", ";
.commentatorList li:first-child:before
content: "";
.commentatorList li:last-child:before
content: "\00a0 and ";

<div class="commentatorList">

Ok, it's useless but I had some time to waste :p

milov wrote on 2003/10/22:
Very cool, P01!
I'd use it in an instant if it wasn't for all those Internet Explorer users whom I'd like to show a neat commentatorlist too.