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September 2003

pylons equalized


Maarten wrote on 2003/09/09:
Mooi man!

Ben eigenlijk wel een beetje benieuwd naar het orgineel :)

milov wrote on 2003/09/09:
Okay. I thought it was rather bland.

huphtur wrote on 2003/09/10:
what exactly does "Equalized" do?

milov wrote on 2003/09/10:
"The Equalize command redistributes the brightness values of the pixels in an image so that they more evenly represent the entire range of brightness levels. When you apply this command, Photoshop finds the brightest and darkest values in the composite image and remaps them so that the brightest value represents white and the darkest value represents black. Photoshop then attempts to equalize the brightness--that is, to distribute the intermediate pixel values evenly throughout the grayscale."

Eduardo+Marquetti wrote on 2003/09/10:
Nice.... Its when the soft can help us! Nice shot!

mados wrote on 2003/09/12:
Impressive. I did some similar coloured photos thanks to the pall of smog about my town. ;-)