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September 2003

Show Classes and IDs bookmarklet - loads a stylesheet that uses (non-IE-compatible) css attribute selector types and the :before pseudo type to add little coloured labels to each page element, indicating the class or id. [via webgraphics]

Ruben wrote on 2003/09/10:
window.content.document is null or not an object -> it indeed doesn't work in IE (had to test :-))

milov wrote on 2003/09/10:
The main reason it won't work is that IE doesn't understand element[attr=""] and :before css rules. See the stylesheet:

It could possibly be made to work in IE by writing a loop that checks all the elements for id and class.

bas wrote on 2003/09/10:
i dont like writing code for id's. why are there so little examples for classes...
This one doesn't show such code either...