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October 2003

Some things I saw today:

17:35 - a cat

18:10 - a rainbow

18:13 - birds

18:16 - sheep in the rain

18:26 - the sun

jimmy wrote on 2003/10/05:
I saw the rainbow first. At 17:57 to be exact. :-)

milov wrote on 2003/10/05:
Yeah, but that's 17:57 Belgian time. ^_^

huphtur wrote on 2003/10/06:
i waited all day to see if i got the see the rainbow here in LA, but unfortunately, no luck.

Kethinov wrote on 2003/10/06:
You live in such a beautiful country. Nothing here in the midwestern US is worth snapping photos of. I stay in doors 99% of my week.

Eduardo+Marquetti wrote on 2003/10/06:
Now I see all you see too! :) (almost!)

jeroen wrote on 2003/10/06:
Kethinov: we Dutch people probably say exactly the same as you do :-) It's that you are common with the type of surrounding...Looking at things as a photographer might change that :-)

Kethinov wrote on 2003/10/07:
I don't know. I lived in New York most of my life. When I moved west, everything seemed so much more baren and dead. The college I'm attending is a beautiful modern building but it's planted on a tired, dead land.

Eduardo+Marquetti wrote on 2003/10/07:
It will be interesting Kethinov. Not just nice things are 'nice' to photograph. Try!