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November 2003

marov wrote on 2003/11/06:
Nice reflection and flare, beautifull Wateringen I presume?

huphtur wrote on 2003/11/06:
nice jpg compression.

jimmy wrote on 2003/11/06:
Nice effect on the water.

milov wrote on 2003/11/06:
Nice comments :)
marov: it was 'beautiful' Wateringse Veld actually, which is technically a part of The Hague. But the contrast and desaturation were applied in Wateringen.

marov wrote on 2003/11/06:
Wateringse Veld, gotcha, I'll try and remember this time

P01 wrote on 2003/11/06:
Nice B&W enhancement.

low wrote on 2003/11/06:
Nice photo.

mados wrote on 2003/11/07:
Is it me, or is the building really leaning?

emarquetti wrote on 2003/11/07:
Perfect in B&W!

palla wrote on 2003/11/07:
I guess your country have a lot of good architecture in nature.

swanz wrote on 2003/11/11:
Helen Helmink woonde ook in zo'n soort flat;-)

Kid+A wrote on 2003/12/27:
Great Pic , Which country is it ?

DARIUSH wrote on 2004/05/21: