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November 2003

jimmy wrote on 2003/11/10:
There so litle contrast in the picture so I tried switching to B/W. The moustache becomes more visible then, expecially because you get more texture in the background. Anyway, very nice experimenting, Milo :-)

sil wrote on 2003/11/10:
I like this one :)

990000 wrote on 2003/11/11:
hah. nice.

Kethinov wrote on 2003/11/12:
Wow! How did you get so close to the cat to snap the shot without it running away?
Can we see a high res version?

milov wrote on 2003/11/12:
I wasn't all that close to the cat... this is a very small crop of the entire image :)
If you're curious, here's the source photo:

Adam wrote on 2003/11/13:
Haha, I knew that. You cheat! No, that's what you get when you have 5.1 megapixels.

Kethinov wrote on 2003/11/13:
I was really hoping for a 1280x1024 sized version of the parent image.