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November 2003


P01 wrote on 2003/11/20:
Nice photo. Pretty colors, composition and persperctive.

milov wrote on 2003/11/20:
I wonder if many people will catch on to the fact that this is practically a daylight version of my new background-image, a few pixels higher up on the screen -- took me a while to realize it myself.

P01 wrote on 2003/11/20:
The fact that you said it, should help the people to realise it ^__^

Arthur! wrote on 2003/11/21:
Well, I for one wouldn't have guesed!
BTW: Nice referrer :)

milov wrote on 2003/11/21:
> BTW: Nice referrer :)
it won't happen again...

huphtur wrote on 2003/11/21:
yeah, yur spoiling all our fun milov!