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December 2003


Kethinov wrote on 2003/12/05:
That would make an awesome desktop image at highres 1280x1024. Can I have a copy? :)

P01 wrote on 2003/12/06:
I suppose it's the same view as

The B&W emphasize the fog. Nice shot.

Coert wrote on 2003/12/06:
I'm following your site for some time now, but I was just wondering what kind of camera you use for your photographs

milov wrote on 2003/12/06:
I've been using an Olympus C-50 Zoom since february...

alex wrote on 2003/12/06:
Nice! When was this taken?

jimmy wrote on 2003/12/06:
Beautiful Milo.
And a very good example of the strongness of Black and white pictures.

milov wrote on 2003/12/06:
alex: 09:44 last wednesday morning

adam wrote on 2003/12/08:
I know that guy !!

Thiemo wrote on 2003/12/08:
Isn't it an unreal world? We really need this in 1280x1024, please.

Kethinov wrote on 2003/12/08:
Milo kindly sent me a 1280x1024 (actually 1280x960) version. I'll kindly host it, but not without Milo's permission. ;)

milov wrote on 2003/12/08:
Very well Kethinov, I'm convinced. You can place it online if you want and link to it from here (I don't have access to the big version at the moment anyway)...

Kethinov wrote on 2003/12/08: